‘Just shoot my wife and mother’ – BBC News

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As Theresa May visits China, the UK government has raised concerns over religious freedom in the country’s mainly Muslim province of Xinjiang. One man, who fled the country for Turkey, has told the BBC he’ll “pay for the bullet” to kill his family to save them from a detention camp.
This report is from Xinjiang, where all filming and reporting by foreign media is tightly controlled.

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Khaled Miah says:

Everyone’s joking about killing Muslims. Know that if we ever feel threatened we will follow Allah’s command, “ And fight them until there is no persecution”.

maximusdarkultima says:

this sounds so eerily familiar..

were they also given "showers"?

Villager 101 says:

Sad how people think the news is bias when Muslims are shown as the victims but if a white westerner picks his nose, he is the biggest victim of all

J T says:

Don't listen to the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. They love state power when it's on their side (and is).

Atlas says:

BBC should just change their name to "Protect the Muslims Campaign". However may I remind you that it was Muslims that killed African farmers and took their land during the drought. Religion of peace my ass.

Tim Gantumur says:

At least they are stopping terrorists and extremists

Dylan's Skylab says:

Another bbc style highly misleading story. if you are in New york, just try filming in a police station without permission, guess what the cops will do to you?
maybe they won’t be so polite like the Chinese cops in this film, warn you 3 times and just let you leave peacefully.

Shan Li says:

Han Chinese civilization exists thousands of years before Islam, and will exist thousands of years after it.

Guess Who says:

Good for them, we all know what will happen if u give Muslim a freedom. They deserve it. It’s a smart move, let’s see Germany in 10yrs, probably another war torn country just like Syria now

Bharath Singh says:

So what you want china to allow these Islamists to kill Han Chinese and make a separate islamic nation close to Chinese border this region borders Afghanistan in India these muslims when in majority already divided India to Pakistan and Bangladesh because they became Muslim majority. They were part of India.

金剛大好き Anti- communism says:

Well done BBC

Tenzin Gurmey says:

Show us about tibet too we r like xinjang too

The S.T.A.G Prince says:

they need to leave China alone! it has the worst track record with relations of other ethnicity since the Han Dynasty. stop going to places where you're not wanted any one in the Far East does not like foreigners especially my black ass and they're Muslim asses go to Europe! at least there you'll have the upper hand Leave the Far East countries out of it and by the way stop trying to shame these people they do not care they think they're better than you

nightking 1989 says:

bbc, fake news! lol

robert zhang says:

BBC is good at and love to fake news about China for a purpose ,but people getting smarter no one believe anymore,this is just so fake

show queen says:

Chinese descent in muslim majority are treated worse in the past. Just like in Indonesia, dozen of thousands of them were killed, raped, burned alive in genocide of chinese descent in 1965 and 1998. They never make problem or terror attack, yet they forbidden to use chinese name, languange, and all chinese ritual and chinese school are forbidden. No matter how much they got achievement in sports (like badminton when mostly are chinese descent) and science, no matter how much thet contributed to economic development, they still treated like second class citizen. Can't get a job to be a policeman or army or any other goverment job.

Harry says:

Japan is alot better then china!!!

ثوري فاضح للطغيان في كل مكان says:

BBC,the devil send his greetings and bow in front of your videos.

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