Life in the Shadow of US-Mexico border Wall – BBC News

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President Trump’s administration has promised that prototypes for a wall to be built all along the US-Mexico border will be delivered by the end of summer. But will a wall stop people smuggling and drug trafficking?

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Wade Garret says:


Rufus T Firefly says:

If you believe it LIVE IT! Leave your home unlocked at all times. Leave your car unlocked. You won't? Oh I see you don't practice what you preach. Where's your faith in humanity? Hypocrites.

Trance_World_Artists 2014 says:

There's something about race. White people from America aren't desperately trying to get into Mexico….it's always people from another race trying to get into white run countries.

Roy Robles says:

Drugs cross thru the border by the border patrol themselves. Money has a way of doing all kinds of miracles. Wall or no wall it makes no difference

Stu art says:

I bet that old guy would hide if he came across some drug smugglers

Kodiak says:

Okay, no this all seems staged& also does USA not have a border town?
Like really, these Aztekians really have a town right on the border.. this is the system I live in.

Dennis Flo says:

What did the spanish screw up so bad that all this former colonies are shit?

Super Dave says:

Build That f—ing Wall!

Bond007 says:

I don't understand why illegal people in the States are asking for a immigration reform marching with a Mexican flag instead of the USA flag, that's so stupid, I do Understand they're proud to be Mexican but unfortunately the're in a foreign country.


they want to go back to U.S.for the food stamps and free health care. Familys need not be separated they can all come back to Mexico together. AMERICANS ARE TIRED OF SUPPORTING ILLEGAL ALIENS.

mykemaui groovey says:

Olmeca, fantastic approach,…'you build borders, i remove them from my music' ! Where can i buy one of those 'make america native again' t -shirts ? In actuality, every caucasion in the u.s.a. is an illegal immigrant . Facts are stubborn things.

Pat Pikulski says:

Build that wall! Dumb ass trumpsters!

sanjuansteve says:

Instead of their "build the wall" chant, they should be more open and honest by chanting "we are scared"! American Republican fear is limitless and no amount of great walls, bans of entire groups of people, military spending, privatized and militarized police, personal gun ownership including fully auto, etc, etc will ever be able to make them feel safe. #TrueSnowflakes

Andy enciso says:

Fuck everyone that’s saying “build the wall” to keep us Mexicans out we are trying to get help and you don’t see it we could be a functional society if you expected us but you refused and neglected us and now our people hate you for how racist you are. I agree “but what about the drugs” You say and the cartels we can help you keep them out but you’re so racist and blind that you don’t realize it’s you’re own kind that’s buying the drugs and I don’t agree with how America is functioning on immigration kicking everyone out give us a chance 3 strikes we use up 2 and get to 3 okay fine send us back because we’re not making your country better BUT IF WE DONT BREAK NO LAWS AND DONT GET NO STRIKES LET US LIVE THERE WE AREN’T CAUSING ANY PROBLEMS WHY KICK US OUT fuck all you mfs that are racist and the ones that UNDERSTAND US AND WHY WE CAME TO THIS COUNTRY THANKS YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

ho2cultcha says:

today i spent most of the time waiting for an immigrant friend so that we could go see the Teotihuacan exhibit in San Francisco. He never showed. His brother called me tonight to say that he had been a passenger in a vehicle which crashed badly. They had brought him home and were afraid to bring him to the hospital, because they were told that he would be deported if brought there. I rushed over there and he was unbelievably bad – i would never even have recognized him – and he had been sitting there going in/out of consciousness for 7 hours. I brought him immediately to the emergency room of one of the busiest hospitals in the country – and they were shocked as well! This is the world Trump has brought us. Who will he go for next?

50 cal. says:

Good cliff jumping / sparlunkin

chase allen says:

Building a wall to prevent illegal immigrants crossing a border is common sense, however it does not reduce crimes or drug trafficking in America. To place the blame on Mexico is a very inaccurate generalisation that could potentially have an equal or opposite reaction.

百姓声音 says:

When I see BBC News, I stopped watching it anymore.

Ray Her says:

I can't listen to this idiot and his boolchit accent.

psychotronik13 says:

We need to deport the ILLEGALS faster! Build bullet trains and get those running on time and we won't need a wall. You can fit hundreds of ILLEGALS into a single cargo car.

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