Milo Yiannopoulos Great Speech At Anarchapulco 2017

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Mercurio Arboria says:

Mockery of humanity at the highest ripping the ass out level. Complete Horsesh*t! 777

Authority can Suck it with Authority says:

Ignorance to the infrastructure and border defense as excuses to not support ones own liberty, fear?

Anarchism can perform any task necassary, without coercion, manipulation, or threat of violence.

Authority can Suck it with Authority says:

So by my own Anarchist Morality, if one person would be wrong for doing something on their own, the same as what the state pulls off as a group (always wrong)
Clearly nearly every facet of society has become a form of fascism.

magnus4g63 says:

Milo an anarchist ????

dkmeller1 says:

"Government messes up everything it touches and messes it up very expensively!"
Milo Yiannoupolous

A man after my own heart! You tell 'em, MY!

Man On Fire says:

Anarchists should align with Republicans?

Man On Fire says:

Well I definitely will never take this event seriously. Why don't just bring Alex Jones , too. Fucking bad joke.

sharperguy says:

I have no idea how they got that guy to come to this conference lol. Mostly crazy people (and a few good… who didnt come back the next years).

Koran Bred says:

I don't get how these young no life experience having bozos are thought to have anything worth hearing to say. Especially a slimy sodomite. They can only repeat bullshit they've heard cuz they aint done shit to know for themselves.

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