Omarosa claims she was ‘haunted’ by President Trump’s tweets

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Omarosa Manigault Newman revealed she is worried about the Trump White House after seeing it from the inside, saying she “was haunted by tweets every single day” while she was working for the president.


Gryphon S. says:

you were fine with it until they threw you out….

mapboy93 says:

I feel kind of bad for Omarosa. I can tell she's a loyalist and she is loyal to her people. At the same time, she should of known what was coming to her. The Conservatives don't like you because she is Black, and Blacks don't like you because your a backstabber that supports a racist. Even though I personally forgive her, she has a big ass hole almost to China to dig herself out of it.

TeeTee LouKy says:

Omarosa has a great body! I didn't know that at first she is thick! I would love to have sex with Omarosa!

Joe Smerksky says:

What is bad! What is so Bad?

Anne-Marie Zack says:

Talk about milking your 15 minutes of fame.

Gail Johnston says:

Amorosa is a sick bitch and opportunist. I don't believe a word she says. Drama Queen who has a huge ego and thinks she's smart.

Carol Rompca says:

(marosa you are avery immature wanna be spy

f u says:

Melt down, and in need of attention

Sockpupppet Extraordinaire says:

She's an idiot.

Ivan Shivolski says:

Sooooooooo she had the thing for Trump. She got fired/heart broken. Kicked out on the White House lawn, must have been embarrassing. She would run threw a burning building to get to Trump if he hinted on taking her back. Not his type. WTF did she do there anyway? No one knows.

CooL G says:

its bs folks

David Dinubilo says:

trump made this lady, took her to the white house with him and she stabbed him in the back. what snake she is. she should go slither under some rock.

liquidationhaircare com says:

shes a smart business woman i used to like her but now i understand she wants fame so much its so clear now, she's not a dummy and will be very successful, I'm sure a tell-all book will catapult her into stardom and receive respect she's been searching for,but i sense she will also be ridiculed and some not so honest truth will be exposed and she will be back to nowhere again

Brandon White says:

Fk that coon

sharon doherty says:

LIAR , Drama queen, sociopath .

Rick Halverson says:

We get it ABC "News"… you lost the election. You are now nothing but a left-wing propaganda machine.

Paul Johnson says:

Learn about Racist warlike Islam and how Muslims have the right to raoe our kids and rob us.

Marco Veneziano says:

What a bad acting job

Matt R says:

She’s a total embarrassment, she’s crying wolf, she makes Trump look more intelligent and competent. Omarosa is famous for just riding Trump’s coattail, CBS should’ve completely banned her, these reality shows are garbage.

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