Paul Joseph Watson: Gerald Butts labels media “Nazis” over “Peoplekind” coverage

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Ezra Levant of and Paul Joseph Watson discuss Trudeau’s “Peoplekind” gaffe and his Principal Secretary Gerald Butts’ outrageous reaction. MORE:
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ever moore says:

Gerald Butts is an ass.  He joked when Canadian soldiers were stabbed in a recruiting office by a MUSLIM TERRORIST.

Mike Cripps says:

No ifs or butts

heck B says:

what an appropriate name for him buttskind

gone in a blink of an eye says:

Please don't take what pjw said as an insult. Its just Canada was and is looked upon as one of the most grounded ,honest and sensible countries on the globe which means nothing ever happens there. Much love from the UK.

420 Echo says:

Butts and Trudeau – just a couple of nut bars

Phil Dawson says:

Trudeau needs to be eradicated from Canada for the sake of its future. 100% fact

gumbly says:

The Liberal party has Butts for brains.

Al Dingman says:

Butyt-hurt Butts!!!

davesmith6661 says:

As usual liberals accuse everyone of what the liberals are guilty of. liberals are a disease.

saxytb says:

Give them hell boys, never give up. In October 2019 Trudeau has a date with the reality.

JoseM says:

We prefer to use the term Potatokind. It's more inclusive.

A. Soul says:

The Rebel wins this round; CBC aint even in it;

Rick S says:

Canadians are smart and do not trust this unethical, incompetence, irresponsible, and the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. The bull shit that comes out of Jihad Justin's mouth is unbelievable and his propaganda machine called FAKE NEWS CBC and others CTV, promotes his hatred agenda against Canadians. Jihad Justin and his best buddy BUTTS thinks Canadians are Nazi's when Canadians disagree with there anti Canadian agenda.
Multiculturalism = Ethnocide
Ethnocide refers to extermination of national culture as a genocide component. … In addition, "since cultural genocide can only be the cultural dimension of genocide", the idea of ethnocide is more than just "cultural genocide", but also part of broader genocidal process.
Diversity means no more white people?

EndlessFunctionality says:

It's actually pretty funny how Butts pulled his own curtain back. There's no more hiding behind the dumbass Trudeau anymore!

Wizard of Aus says:

PJW for prime minister

Mary Hale says:

and now he wants no picture ID to vote…maybe he is fidel castro's son after all…

brad maynard says:

why cant we hear about trudeau dying suddenly from a heart attack or getting run over by a bus in the morning headlines? can this country not get that lucky even once?

Imma H8tr says:

Gerald "Seymour" Butts is no Canadian. He is a traitor just like his pal trudeau. They hate Canadians with a passion and now don't mind showing it to the world.

Doug Purcell says:

The Canadian media is worse then the u.s.

Doug Purcell says:


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