Paul Joseph Watson: Mue||er WantsTrumpTo Fire Him (The Week In Review)

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Eric Hudson says:

Trump has been dealing money laundering with russia for 20 years

Eric Hudson says:

Trump has always been a criminal

Eric Hudson says:

Nothing but fake news

Joyce Distler says:

I totally believe God put Donald Trump in office. Its gonna be ok.

jerry irvin says:

They can’t find anything so if trump fires hi the entire left wing will go nuts

Richard Schwartz says:

to many commercials I am gone

Robert keys says:

That's not an investigation , Its a Democrat Think Tank so…they can sit around, all…day try think up,something stupid or Patty shit
and try to impeach Donald Trump on the taxpayer dollar..!!!
need to start going after the real criminals..!!! the real Clinton crime family!!
they need to shut it down!!! and ,open up the real investigations!!! even if, they have to Outsource it!!# we Outsource every fucking thing else!!! it's time to luck old criminal politicians up they're probably going to ask to build a new prison just for them, that has all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel..!!! fancy rooms, top chefs, in the kitchen!!! Ti will be like going to a retreat Spa!!! except ,it'll be a prison with no bars!!! for the elite ,and high government officials!!

Reddrick Roberts says:

They have wasted $7,000,000…. of the American tax payers money , for a bullshit , nothing burger !!!
That money could of help some of the homeless family's ,that lot their home, during the past 2 adiministion !!!

Bron Jon says:

I am really hoping that Trump can maintain his composure and patience and also hope he is getting good advice from Chief of Staff General Kelly.
Trump should not fire Mueller and let him not take that bait. He should let Mueller wither on the vine, because Trump should know Mueller has nothing and he knows the American people know Mueller has nothing.
So, even if Mueller recommends Trump broke whatever law, the American people will know it is a biased deal.
Trump has Mueller exactly where he needs him; to recommend a "no charge, not guilty in Russia meddling or Collusion or obstruction."
That is the ONLY decision the American people will accept from Mueller without complaint.
Anything less would be "uncivilized."

Larry Morris says:

Mueller should be in jail

javamann1000 says:

They went back 10 years to get Mannafort!

James G says:

Start the investigation and jailing of the fraud mueller and team.

James G says:

"Hanging" is a great term to use with this "investigation"….

Absolutely PATHETIC the liberals are…

TRUMP 2020!!!

Tony Conrad says:

Well done Paul. Exposing the real dirt which is still coming from those who cannot accept a defeat in the election. Or could it be that they are afraid with what Trump may expose while he is cleaning the swamp?

Sjoerd Wiggemansen says:

No Let him pay back the spilled 4 million dollar that this circus had cost!!!!

Natalie For Justice says:

Mueller's got a 'Nothing Burger'. Time to wrap it up already. We need the Deep State operatives to stop perverting the cause of justice. The American ppls gov has been highjacked and held hostage by these Muslim loving crims. We need a 9/11 and Uranium one special investigation. We need Killary n Obummer Hussain in cuffs. They're done¡

thatdewd says:

Fuck mueller, fuck the democRats…locked and loaded. bring it.

Sabina Macerby says:

Trump does need to be careful with what he does until he has all his ducks in a row. Also, I've noticed that he tends to give them just enough rope to hang themselves… I'm just waiting to see what happens…

Timmy Odebralski says:

I got a Russian mail order bride oh no I colluded

David Wilson says:

Please Joseph just remember Streep is an ALT LEFTIST/SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST NUT CASE HOLLYWOOD ALT LEFTIST and therefore NUTS. Don't even give her air time. She is irrelivant.

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