Paul Joseph Watson: POWERFUL Rebuke of Liberal Lunacy (The Week In Review)

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Paul Sanders says:

Sleeping into destruction.

Derek Ellershaw says:

His parents were on drugs, that's what drugs do your brain or your kids, for fuck sake muslims must be laughing their cocks off

Robert Pashka says:

Don't you think it's just about time all the MSM are put out of business for Anti American activity.

Chitown Cat says:

I defer to Kevin Bedard.

Mari Anderson says:

fucking Trump you better help us out in California we voted for you God dammit snap out of it you know you're around a bunch of bullshit but you're in charge so do something about California god dammit I thought things were going to be better that's playing us even more thanks for nothing so far in California were dying

Kevin Bedard says:

"Who has time to worry about Islamic terrorists when gender pronouns are being disrespected?" Thanks Paul, that one's a keeper.

Truth Teller says:

Can’t You believe this Soros cuck?
Canadians can’t wait to get this tool out of office! Our CIA is called CSIS and I can’t wait until they take him down for Treason

phil shea says:

Trumps approval numbers are going to get a real kick along soon because even those sitting on the fence will soon realise the poor bastards been hammered by the msm all this time , while everybody is getting tax cuts and the job numbers improving and everything else . He,s going to get a lot of sympathy votes

Mari Anderson says:

Trump I voted for you why are you allowing them to Chemtrail Us IN CALIFORNIA? Why are You allowing them to DEFENCE ENERGY WEAPONS against us burned us down broke our dam Jerry Brownnose in California why are you saying that Satan Jerry brownnose A good man he's a piece of shit so ARE God damn Democrats AND YOU KNOW IT! Why are You destroying California? Because You're not from here? Get rid of these goddamn illegals if you leave CACA here you left all the shit hole Democrats That are Destroying California with Homelessness it's like having Obama and Hillary as a President still . Come on are you with them, ALL friends having dinner?After you're actually bringing back earmarks, just to make them happy but it'll be controlled ? I'm starting to think it's a big giant golden show that's what it feels like do we have to do it Ourselves to the God damn Democrats maybe that's what you want a good CNN knock down? . DEMS are Sucking our Resources there SPRAYing Us WITH POISONS ! ruining our crops and trees and water for artificial intelligence that you know they're bringing in and you're giving the military more money to fuck us over or what sure we need to be in good defense because of God damn Obama bushes and clintons but we also want to be protected that is number one we don't feel protected we feel like Lab Rats being fucking poisoned like Auschwitz victims WHAT YOU CANT STOP IT ? WHY DID YOU MAKE A DEAL ? ARE WE PART OF THE DEVILS BARGAIN?? AND YOUR THE PRESIDENT what about your children's Children's children's future oh I see they will live in a bubble IF WE LIVE? WHO CARES? God CARES you sick politicians will lose your souls in the end you will not have money or power and you will not be sitting in the front or standing in the front God said so! God bind up all of you evil Democrats in California. God bind you all up in the name of Jesus Christ amen this is Sodom and Gomorrah and you're destroying our water and our air and turning these kids into stupid brainwashed fagg's it's not okay man-made God made man and woman and that's it a toilet for each one of them. they'll be fine they'll have limousines and air condition buildings where are you going to get your air from? your air all of you will be the Breath of God is the only air anybody gets so you people better get with it you are hurting us thanks to God damn Obama and Hillary and the Bush's evil plans of New World Order government pure evil are the Democrats the 911 dust the bushes did that to us for the New World Order they've been killing people and not telling you how many people are dead with FEMA they don't love us get it through your heads we need a revolution against evil Democrats killing our kids our water and our air in our health! I thought we were a country protected what happened bush oops I meant to do that we love to depopulate we are Democrats we just say we love you and now we're going to take away all of your little Mexican babies haha you were better off in Mexico and didn't know it you're so stupid you fought to stay here go back to your own country and fight make it a real country still pushing your way around to get welfare you people are disgusting we could pick our own goddamn lettuce and wash your own fucking toilets or at least you should leave after your Visa is up that's what the whole problem was now 666 enjoy it get the popcorn you know like Trump says I guess the masses need Q we need something to keep us busy I'm beginning to wonder about who I voted for too much caca in California and it's going to affect all of you they want to take away your cars and your electricity Bill Gates TED Talks they want zero cities pack them and stack them! Trump I voted for you I need you to come through for me get rid of God damn Jerry Brown and all these motherfucking Democrats we can't vote normal now cuz they have a bunch of illegals here and George Soros fake voting machines what's up with that I don't trust anybody anymore we aren't even part of this big conglomeration I guess you have to join them if you can't beat them . but you refused to get rid of thanks Trump I thought things were going to get better oh yeah they could have been much worse right looks like we're going into 0 cities thank you we can't even retire anymore we can't even Run to the Hills to retire because you're chemtrailing up there too poisoning agriculture hurting us with our very own water for your own agendas boy God's going to get you bastards for this every last one of you you better quit poking him in the eye that's what you do when you're hurting his people that would be us here in California we are suffering thank you president Trump are you preparing us like Bill Gates said for zero cities preparing for artificial intelligence they burn down almost a third of California already he broke our dam what more is there to say we voted for you change California back to what it was before the Clinton Democrats made everybody leave we want our state back make Mexico take back their Refuge

Mari Anderson says:

Trump California is stuck here with God damn Jerry Brown these motherfuckers Nancy Pelosi why would we want to leave the Democrats here California is a shithole now because of the Democrats we don't want it to be like Mexico do something quick Trump we can't take it anymore we're about to revolt on these God damn Democrats we had enough do something

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