Shooting incident shuts down parts of Interstate 95 for more than 7 hours

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Police in Florida say the suspect allegedly shot a woman and then drove the wrong way on I-95, causing several accidents.


Gerald Jarvis says:

White on White crime…..

azn412 says:

Wtf I live right there how the f diddnt I hear about this

Its Kivo says:

why does everyone have to bring race into this shit? everybody these days just wants a fucking reason to bitch and complain.

ohmytin says:

NRA: If every driver has a gun to defend….
Conservatives: We don't know anything about the incident yet….

Mario Garza says:

Mmm m. So Mexicans are the criminals

davio2k0 says:

Tasergun? Why go for the kill right away? He just murdered a woman, caused multiple accidents."BLACK" oh wait that's just the vehicle description.

Caged says:

Drug deal gone bad. Legalize it and you don't have these third world problems.

Miss Amazon says:

More innocent people have been massacred by the likes of Stephen Paddock, the whimp-supremisist who shot up those children in their school & the countless others murdered in the USA IN THE last 6 months………. than by ISIS!!

Betty Jo Hunter says:

What a mess!

Roger Turner says:

make sure she brings crack cocaine

are we going to be The Average White Band

look up says:

Damn ever since 5g cell towers more mind control madness of people.going crazy and shit.

santacruzer says:

Uh-oh – that was supposed to be Trump's pick to replace Rob Porter.

Lasna34 says:

Wow they got that close to him and even tried to tase him when he had a gun and just killed someone? White privilege. Imagine if this were a minority……

Lunamaria says:

White terrorists rampaging again… The entitled terrorists are always the worse

Troll Account says:

If it was a nigger they would've taken no chances and RPG that shit car

heroic spirit rlsh says:

I shall pray for the women who lost her life.

Alan Merlin Bergeron says:

“They bringing crime, they rapist” build a wall along the east coast ! Deport them to Europe!

mirzapa says:

Florida. What else is new?

Frank Strange says:

Black and whit peeps need to be Separated this is what a lot of people want just to afraid to admit it blk what white white hate blks so let’s. Agree to separate

Frank Strange says:

If he would have shot a black person omg here comes naacp .protest screams in the street .Martin king rolling in his grave. black Jesus crying. Black lives matter asking for money. And the momma setting up fund me acct

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