SpaceX launches biggest rocket in the world

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The $90 million Falcon Heavy was carrying company founder Elon Musk’s Tesla car.


tellurye says:

Not to be a kill joy,. This is cool. But would have been cool if, I dunno, $90 million went to cure diseases, population, earth health, … To get me wrong, this was cool.

Eric Spoeth says:

Falcon Heavy launch set to Coldplay's "Something Just Like This":

TheLflanagan says:

awesome .. thats how its done

Stas Shulepov says:

This was the organised control of security services,, everything, is it really hard to realise? I have gigabytes of examples, the deliberately planned organised control. The girl is under control, we are under the pressure

Almighty Dee says:

Do y’all understand ??? Wtf going on here ? This shit real

Alt Empire says:

Wait. That roadster in space looks fake as fuck. I'm not one of those "Earth is flat, space isn't real folks," but that roadster looks suspicious.

Chrissy Ayres says:

Not the largest Rocket ever, the Saturn V Rocket was the largest

Mecks089 says:

Now this is how 2018 should be starting!

Danny Colon says:

FlatEarthers will say they made a small hole in the "dome" just for the rocket to leave. Then they going to say thats not even real earth in the background just a photoshop.

HeySuze Christ says:

Gotta love that Elon is silly and not evil. Good thing he and that demon broke up.

Imminentintent says:

These comments are cancerous af.

azalru says:

Most epic road trip ever.

Marcus Rainey says:

What's the need for a launch mount but then one isn't necessary to land? lol gtfoh the new NASA bc they failed so miserably.

UncleSam1776 says:

The first step for the man and the second step for the mindkind.

nrmna says:

Genuinely impressive. Thank you Elon!

林鲲 Chinese culture communicator says:

Congratulations! Emission is so amazing! the news let me know China and the United States of huge gap. I think that the news returned China will stimulate more China scientists and students constantly strive designed research techniques for science and technology innovation. Although China now is developing countries, I believe the future certain can change the poverty behind the situation. But it's all need to continue to work hard.


New Kerbal space program game looks great!

Susie Spohn says:

Wake up sheeple. Photoshopped images of a Tesla in space. Can't believe you all buy into this shit. You help to make this idiot a super rich idol of the uninformed. Meanwhile, something much bigger is about to happen. Save your idiotic comments….not accepting any!

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