“The Democrats Lost And We Would Win Again!” Sarah Sanders OWNS ABC Reporter

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“The Democrats Lost And We Would Win Again!” Sarah Sanders OWNS ABC Reporter

Today During Sarah Huckabee Sanders Press Briefing (2/7/2018) She Takes ON ABC Reporter Jonathan Karl who insists President Trump is the one shutting down the government and press secretary sarah sanders tells him that the democrats lost last time and they will again

this is breaking news in politics news today and political news and latest news from the white house press briefing or the sarah sanders press briefing president donald trump has been talking about fbi texts today and some questions were asked about those

this is us news and news today in today news from the usa

original air date: 2/7/2018

sarah sanders new video clip! enjoy and thanks for watching!


Axis porcinus says:

Build the wall FIRST !!! .then shut down immigration.

Mike Fry says:

Me being a Democrat who voted for Trump will say that yes the dems r just plain wrong and will lose again in 2020. We're tired of these liberal giving this country away mentality and wont stand for it anymore . Words coming from a registered democrat not a gay rights let the refugees come in American no trannies no lgbt rights whatever horseshit.

Pheonix 2 says:

I’m still trying understand how did that reporter get owned ? Obviously she clarified it so he understood, right?

michael demeo says:

Jonathan carl is a child molester

Mrmoldremoval says:

We Americans Love Sarah Sanders.. Go Girl.. Sara is so Smart..

Garrett Angulo says:

Trump the Best President 2020….DemoRats DemoRats DemoRats 666 Evil

hdargaville 2012 says:

The wall is for one reason to keep the cartel's out brutal murderers its a shame what these people have caused now innocent loving people have to go back home many generations later because of there scum bag relatives crossing the boarders without permission now the next generations have to suffer and pay for there crimes and be marked as illegal immigrants

Chuck Beef says:

All i picture is that guy gagged and bound in leather as Sarah walks in with a full latex bodysuit and a 12” black strap on. She owns these retards.

John Smith says:


BlakeBigfoot says:

She doesn't even own her own wandering eyes. She's sure as hell never owned an reporter.

toolman272 says:

The lame stream media is constantly fixating on just one item. I don’t care what he says I’m more concerned with what he actually gets done because actions always speak louder than words. Unfortunately the crappy ass talking heads completely overlook actions because they’re nothing more than 13 year old snowflakes!




G Lee says:

Fuck this cunt Sara Sanders she is a loser just like trump.

Jim says:

let it shut down! Guess who caused it? Nancy who else. Get rid of that bitch and Hillary!

LaughTooHard says:

Shut them all down. NO Paychecks. Get a real job.

Darlene Greywolf says:

Acosta, Karl, Ryan, Jackson, Alexander, liberal butt buddies! Wonder what else they do behind closed doors? Hide your children and dogs!



Jay Reilly says:

msm whines so fckn much theyre crybags sickening

Ghost of Reagan says:

The reporter doesn't understand. Because TRUMP NEVER said HE wanted to shut the government down. These people are a bad joke

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