The ‘super blue blood Moon’ across the world – BBC News

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The night sky had a display in store on Wednesday 31 January, with a lunar event being called the “super blue blood moon”.
For Australia, Asia and some parts of the US and Eastern Europe, there was a lunar eclipse, as the Earth passed between the Sun and the Moon.

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Hughthefridge says:

I guess this confirms that global warming is true, considering the moon is cold and planet is hot. Therefore, the moon is coming closer to Earth.

Lost Survivor says:

Woke up and didn't see anything sadly. Guess I'll just wait another 100 years.

Linda Kerpe says:

so much buffering



Aseng Peace says:

More like red n orange

Wally Vicuna says:

The thumbnail was taken here in the Philippines.

Possibly a Bot says:

Fake news, the world is flat and the moon is just a projection by the deep state. #MAGA

Asad Chadury says:

In pakistan it was great than any fucjed up country

Parimal Francis says:

so beautiful beyond explanation. Thank you.

dank bunker says:

1:35 what happend to that plane ?

dank bunker says:

The moon in china is like "fuck this shit,i am out".

Muhammad Mirsab says:

UK might have had the best moon from these countries, it was similar to what it looked like here in Dubai where I live

Nishwitha nishwithaK says:

I love Nature

Digaaale Company says:

Allahu Ákbär

Hailin Wen says:


MatrixZ HH says:

Its not blue…

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