What’s next for Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket

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Tesla founder Musk told ABC News he “didn’t really think this would work” after his Falcon Heavy rocket successfully blasted into space.


OzzyMatt says:

The sun and the earth are so bright and the stars are usually so dim that they get blocked out.

Derek A LostSoul says:

It reminds me of the American Anime Heavy Metal

Elijah Askins says:

they love telling us the earth isnt perfectly round and all the blue marble type pictures are fake but the live feed looks exactly like that? ?

johanna navarrete/ says:

and how many satellites are in space?? I guess not enough to get one in a camera shot

Daniel Kleinmeier says:

The truth hurts,huh bitch…

Air Lusions says:

So funny, the photo shown @ 0:22 of the New York Post with a sub title, (Yes, this is a real picture), it has exactly the same clouds show @ 2:22 and on it as it's official, "live" feed YT channel has on it right now. It has had repeatedly the same cloud formations for days…. hoax?, Ya think? Oh I have eyes yes. But much more sinister than just trying to brand space. This theater is just like the moon landing. Partly to divert attention away from the Warren comish anomalies. It is the coin flip side of violent false flagging. Where as Pearl Harbor and 911 is meant to manipulate public opinion with fear and retaliation for wars. Rallying American pride and enthusiasm false flags are for massive tax money miss appropriation machines.

Think logically. Deep state under attack and pressured. CIA, FBI and NSA are being monitored and losing assets, # CIA guns for cocaine cartel connections ending # opium farms and processing plants being bombed. # Social media awareness rising MSM propaganda losing effectiveness. They needed a new/old way to divert and launder vast sums of money through a bogus, highly over priced, scientific red herring financial black hole. Too complicated and enigmatic to have to explain where, "all" the money goes. # Easy to hide funding of clandestine ops and globalist agendas while putting the US ever deeper in debt. Q: Elon's supposed to be doing this for a supposed profit based future space industry…where is the profit going to come from? and How long is that supposed to take before this economic boom happens for the US economy? A:" From us to him only. and Never.

We know if NASA, which stands for Never A Straight Answer, is involved. You need a sufficiently flashy goal # Mars and social connection # Cool space car and movie tie ins, to sway public enthusiasm to the positive. Enter the privatization of space via governmental tax subsidized theft # Deep state fingers in the pie # WE PAY, THEY PLAY us for fools and our own subversion. Elon is more than just establishment connected. He is an operative. Lastly just look how much leftist MSM reports and touts this alleged, "achievement". If, "they" like it sooo much. That should give you chills to start. Just wait till they start poring a lot more of, "our" money in to it. You'll see it for what it really is….scam.

dark voice says:


SUPERSS90 says:

Wow the earth is round not like other idiots say is flat..

B1r6enA C7mgA43 says:

This fool musk should be ashamed of himself! LIAR!

B1r6enA C7mgA43 says:

Fake garbage

cheesyfrilly says:

Heavy Metal

Daniel Stevens says:

Can't flat earthers get permission to send a camera into space? We're kind of in the era for that to be possible. We have the technology to do so.

ODOTTV says:

This is not even funny….this is the fakest shit I have ever seen

AMRAAM Autos says:

Made In earth by humans

A.J Thomas says:

A car flying to mars? Craziest idea I hav ever seen.

michael all says:

That’s not a real car it’s not a real image in the video there was a glitch if you look at the original video it glitches twice and shows the studio it’s fake it’s bullshit wake up this is all bullshit they are trying to brain wash you

David Ma says:

Wow awesome, staryMan!

soccerhighlight1 says:

do you still believe the earth is flat?

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