🇮🇱 Israel fighter jet crash ratchets up regional tensions

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The downing of an Israeli fighter jet by Syrian forces has raised tensions across the region.

The Israeli F-16 was on a mission inside Syria targeting what Israel says are Iranian bases there.

On the way back from the mission, Israeli jets came under Syrian anti-aircraft fire – and that is when the F-16 was hit.

The plane’s wreckage – and pilots – landed in Israeli territory.

Israeli jets then launched another cross-border air raid, hitting 12 Syrian government and Iranian targets. It is believed to be Israel’s most significant attack against Syria since 1982.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports from West Jerusalem.

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Bryan Sun says:

Good job israel✌✌✌

Dan Mburu says:

The war lords need to give Syria a break, once a beautiful, peaceful and lovely country and people have known nothing but war for half a decade. May God grant peace to the country.

thedavid00100 says:

Israel is justified

Swej kcuf says:

The myth is no long.  Kick the inbreeding winged Hebrew monkeys out of Palestine

अर्जुन तमांङ says:

One more to Bring Down

Samdee2017 Sam says:

Long live israel

Usman Birds says:

Welldone seriya

Deekshant Belwal says:

Nice work by Israel. We Indians are with you in fight against terror.

Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! says:

really sad f-16 is down

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

israel massive bombardments find finally his end they should do that everytime with israeli or american jets if they violating syrian airspace.

Ducati Drew says:

Sovereign nation protecting its borders and airspace. Nothing to see here.

Qalbe Hassan says:

wow great job … nice to hear that isreali f16 shot down

Tobirama says:

Why are they flying over Syrian airspace?

Fifa Chelsea says:

only way to bring peace in Syria is to make life harder for Israel
Russian Syrian and iran should start fight against Israel instead of isis becuses the reall Isis is Israel

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