6:00 PM America’s News Headquarters 02/10/2018 Fox News | Breaking News | February 10, 2018

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david shepherd says:

Mr Trump is giving all the politicians a swift boot in the ass if nothing else. The Washington lifers on both sides are screwed. GOP reps working against President Trump know they are committing political suicide with their base and the dems can't find any dirt on the President with the whole democrat party, the deep state, all the government intel agencies and the media working twenty four seven grasping at any and everything with zero evidence of wrongdoing of any kind. PERIOD Not like all the filthy politicians with their greedy hands out that do nothing but find ways to control and rip off the common man. President Trump is the most honest President in the history of the USA…..Keep kicking ass and do us a favor, put Trudeau in git-mo

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