At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting

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At least 17 people were killed Wednesday in a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.
The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, is in custody, the sheriff said. The sheriff said he was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons.


Mariah Riley says:

Wow , on Valentines Day too! This day is suppose to be about LOVE ! The world can't keep living like this , there has to be a change and it starts with us !

Tjbrain says:

Hey CNN can't you find a way to blame the shooting on trump? Looks like you are slipping. Fake bastards.

b1itsjustme says:

"Now is the time for thoughts and prayers" Fuck that! Now is the time to do something!

Two soulz says:

Fucking hell, all these school shooter jokes are making me sick, all these comments are nothing but "wow 17 kill streak." Or "pumped up kicks!" Have some fucking decency about you, you sick fucks. 17 people lost their fucking lives and all you can do is make fucking jokes about it?? What the fuck is wrong with people….

shallowcoder1 says:

Hey news outlets show his face. Y'all can show black kids for doing petty crimes but u can't show thus white/Hispanic kid.

John Q says:

Bullying is out of control in America. Not surprised by this. I'm surprised, but glad, that it doesn't happen everyday.

Have ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying if you want to help end this shit America. But you won't.

but cool says:

This is just terrible I can't get over the fact that I was 46 miles away when this happened…….

RealMadrid BOSS says:

RIP to all my brothers and sisters that died in the shooting on Valentine’s Day

shizzywizz25 says:

Make a law by now for school security

sonia gonzalez says:

Who were the people that died

Star Watts says:

Real life Call of Duty

Terra shine says:

My most deep condolences.
To those family's that lost a love one .to one person that had a moment of craziness .
I sincerely that your country gets better at controlling this type of situation
Stay strong in this harsh and crazy times.

chef chris says:

This is surely a tragedy and especially on Valentine's day. Come on people where's the love not the hate. RIP the 17 students that died today may their souls rest in peace.

Pizza Jedi says:


thedillpickleman says:

welcome to America folks

Angel Chronicles says:

As a advicater and supporter of the second amendment, I really hate it when I see this

Not only because it makes it harder for us to keep said 2nd amendment

But…this senseless and needless loss of life that happened…and that I'm powerless beyond prayers to help them

Phillip Lucion says:

there it is the almighty ar its always a ar always is that the only pic of a gun cnn has they are coming for our guns the ones against our president the one who want to control us make us more slave then we already are this is bullshit if one of those teachers were packin this shit would not happen

βṪŞ Ῡσσηgι says:

It just had to be on my birthday D:
I should probably change my birthday

Pot head says:

i'm a pro-gun civilized human being and i dont think guns have anything to do with all these shootings… people just want attention or today should’ve been a no school day(valentines day) people get heartbroken and do stupid shit. NOTE: Don’t say that I’m heartless for not feeling anything, but let’s be real no one cares what happen and people need to STOP blaming GUNS.

ConspiracyTheorist says:


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