Canada’s Olympic athletes aren’t marketing gold

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Canada’s 225 Olympic athletes aren’t marketing gold no matter the colour of medal they bring home. Howard Bloom of @SportsBizNews says the lower profile of the Winter Olympics and Canada’s smaller population can keep sponsors from stepping up.

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Pro Standard Camera Accessories Inc. says:

The Camp of Champions in Whistler created marketable professional athletes for 28 years. COC alumni have won more Olympic and X-Games medals than most countries. Their athlete alumni swept the slopestyle podium for men in Sochi in both sports, skiing and snowboarding. If COC had been a country at Sochi they would have been 4th in the medal standings. So far in Korea they have continued their dominance. The Camp of Champions alumni focused on becoming professional athletes that the companies of the world wanted to and could sponsor directly. Why? As was proven by debacle that was the Women's Slopestyle event in Korea. FIS does not care in the slightest about athletes. Just money. Not the athletes. That is why snowboarders continue to go their own path as far as sponsorships. They know that they will never see any of the money that goes into the Olympic system from sponsors. Money that was raised using the athletes likeness and triumphs. It all gets spent long before the athlete will ever see a dime. That's why snowboarders, look out for themselves and market themselves outside the sham of Olympic sponsors.

Erik Weimer says:

Canada’s population is 1/10th of the US so the marketability is 1/10th from the get go if you want to market them as a Canadian athlete. If you want to go outside Canada with the athlete you can start to get into bigger numbers and markets, but the sport has to have a big viewership internationally to make it worth it for brands. It’s all about the eyeballs you can get in front of, bottom line.

anbakeoriginal says:

I love to see the same hockey game 4 times in 12 hours. What I notice is the longevity of the Olympic dream. I think our Olympic Athletes are in it because they can make a living getting ready to celebrate two weeks overseas on somebody else's tab every four years. Who are these mavens, former Olympians? Our athletes can get a job can get a job with the CBC – if they have an uncle there.

Araseli Cholila says:

No suscriptores.

attananightshadow says:

If all genders are equal; Trudeau should instruct the “women’s” hockey team to play in the “men’s”. I’m sure they’ll win gold. After all; gender is just a social construct by the capitalist patriarchy… in fact, do it with all the events. Tell all the “men” to just go home; they’re too privileged to be there. I’m sure Canada will be rolling in medals…

John Russell says:

After we see the World's fastest skater once, why would we want to watch it again?

Mr GTA 5 MASTER says:


Red Machine says:

Chief WADA Richard McLaren and Chief IOC Thomas Bach is a xenophobes and chauvinists!

misterfunnybones says:

Owe-lympics ☹️ Five-ring circus

Urethra Grundle says:

Put in more Syrian Refugees in the games and more of Trudeau's peoplekind. Screw Olympics.

Nick Ferrari says:

The only time i watch CBC is during the Olympics please don't ruin them for me by politizing the heck out of them. The opening ceremony was great coverage! Keep it up the!

MrPfosse says:

Again I ask CBC will you cover the prime ministers office calling people who criticise JT the same as the people who started. ww2

Lindy Xi says:

RIP the Olympics. Ruined by the greedy committee full of corruptions and scandals.

Chris Dvaz says:

Nobody cares. Why am I even here?

Tourniquet Now says:

Canada needs more forced "diversity" in their Olympic representatives.
It's 2018, peoplekind!!!

Hero Zero says:

Diversity is our diversity!

douchebagosaurus says:

CBC haters probably want more SUN news

UofT Alumni says:

Why there is democracy in Canada but why not some events unlike other nations such as the lottery Max, 649 etc. unlike the powerball Iive drawing to make all players able to look at live drawing results at a more transparent system?!

441rider says:

Meanwhile there is thousands of people living in boxes and with shopping carts on the street across Canada. Society is no better than the most in need of help. Ignoring it equals more crime, healthcare costs it goes on. This sounds like a stock pitch, ratings? 23 thuimbs up, 28 no 29 thumbs down obviously concerned Canadians wanting quality news. Like in the 80's


Must be all the soy and gmo in our diet.

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