Clint Eastwood VS. Quentin Tarantino

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As Quentin Tarantino slowly emerges as a closeted pervert who defends the raping of 13-year-old girls, Clint Eastwood tries something more traditional and doubles down on American values.

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Sharon Newman says:

Christians really have all the creativity thats why Hollywood is suffering right now

Michael Öster says:

I still think Chuck Norris is the best Yankee.

matt davis says:


marrowbonez says:

Tarantino is a genius.  One of the best directors of all time.  Eastwood is a good, solid director but he needs to retire.

Truth Beyond Phenomenon says:

Ive heard some clint Eastwood rumors that he was involved with the satanists early in his career… hope thats not true or that he got saved.

Jesse Pinkman says:

Last good Tarantino movie was pulp fiction

Andrew Bolay says:

never liked that creep tarantino, and his movies are garbage ! He is very ugly.

Denys Poyner says:

I've always liked Clint Eastwood. Good salt of the Earth Man ! He worked for my Family's Ranch when he was 18, before he became famous. Always was a stand up guy.

Christopher Jones says:

HE APOLOGIZED. Admitted he was wrong.

Clayton Vandongen says:

It all makes me wonder about Britney Murphy.

Will Northey says:

Did anybody listen to the interview? Its horrifying to hear.

Rick James says:

Tarantino’s movies are twisted evil pop garbage. Think why that is. An artist is represented by their work.

Mike Callies says:

Evil vs evil .

kleomenis456 says:

Well said A. J.

Troy Vincent says:

We need a new Hollywood and a new Facebook and a new Twitter not controlled by real Nazi’s! Go big Alex!

Brian Stears says:

People who like peddos deserve to die with them hang em high they all need to die for the public to see then maby we can get rid of these dirt bags

Jeremy Letourneau says:

Clint's new movie looks amazing he has the real life heroes playing themselves in the movie. Hollywood actors don't need the money or fame so Clint is giving it to the real people

Nikoli Belinski says:

She wasn’t 11. She was in her teens.

Hamster Dragon says:

Trump jr. Needs to run 4 president in 2024 so he can takeover where Trump sr. Left office …like if u agree!

Outofmind Designs says:

Hey blondie,
Clint Eastwood is a national treasure

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