Elon Musk: Falcon Heavy Launch And Spaceman Secrets Decoded

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Alex Jones breaks down what Elon Musk’s latest Space X launch signifies in the next step of human evolution as we take a drive down the endless highway of space.

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Big Nix says:

This whole Outer Space hoax is 100% satanic. And it is what is cutting us off from God. We don't live on a spinning ball flying through outer space at unfathomable speeds. And nothing and no one has ever been to outer space because you can't go to outer space, because outer space is not real.

Mangled Reality says:

Come on Alex, you know that Car really isn't in Space. That's why I stopped watching your radio show while back. You do offer some good info on things but you at the same time do not expose other things. I just wanted to see what your two cents was on this fake "car in space" bullcrap and just like I thought, you're not even exposing it. You're a gatekeeper controlled operative playing a part.

Eli B says:

I respect your truth media work, but believing Musk actually has a basic car fly around in space without it getting affected by any of the extreme temperature changes in space and how the earth looks like it’s 100% water…..that thing is as fake as NASA

Truth Seeker says:

Earth is flat people. I know it sounds crazy to some of you but, does living on a spinning ball make any sense at all?
Living on a flat and stationary Earth makes perfect logical sense. But living on a spinning ball is impossible and you know it. The only way for you to believe that living on a spinning ball is…..if a secret society of liars took over the world and used the system to make you believe that it's true. Wake up.

russell77962 says:

I used to trust Alex and Infowars. It breaks my heart to admit he is a liar. He knows this is fake.

Hyena says:

that car is fucking fake CGI

Bb says:

Common, we all know that Tesla in space is fake!

Phoenix love says:

Wow alex neva thought id give you a thumbs up!! But u get one from me on this vid. Yes Elon is a true God send. Back him everybody. You can see his honesty and pure vision for our society / species.

Fred Davis says:

Right , sure, exterminate us. Come on, next you will be telling us that Fukuahima nuclear meltdowns are still going in and the Pacific Ocean will be deal in a few years, the plankton that makes most of the air will die off and that we are getting 1 to 30 times above normal levels of radiation in our air, oops mean you will tell us 1 to 30 levels of above radiation not just normal , but above. Sure. Right

Roy Kotze says:

O god, please have mercy on them as they do not know they are programmed into the system. Peace

mike says:

Oh bill hicks what a puppet shill

The Growlanser says:

Weren't you saying it was fake? Wtf.

dhalsim1 says:

Even if that car moves through space at 10 miles per second it will still take at least 70,000 yrs to reach the nearest star. Don't expect any extra terrestrial feedback soon on this one.

NXSX says:

I think its cool as hell that he fired one of his cars up there…hahah.

Nick Skoora says:

Your a sell out AJ.

Jorge Villarreal says:

Heaven. Hell is fake.same with jesus and satan

chris trull says:

for the comment below and everyone when you say you UNEDUCATED people i image you are referring to the k through 12 graduation process right? where you sadly are forced to learn theories possibly lose faith because you're force fed the fabrication that you evolved from snot and monkeys where you cannot talk about the true loving God but must learn theology and polytheism. your are educated to graduate, did you know to graduate is to become indoctrinated? you spend years of your innocence being educated on space and evolution. but my God who is the living and ever lasting father told us a much different and comforting depiction of his grand design starting on page one of genesis he said on day 2 he made the sun and the moon in the first heaven, or the sky above, within a firmament, that he refers to as a tabernacle or like a tent stretched out to the corners. he told us a firmament is placed to protect us, it separates the PRIMORDIAL waters above from the water below. he explains that the stars are with in this firmament, and for our use to tell time and show the coming of seasons, but these stars are commanded by him to show signs to us. many times in the bible the angles are told to be as servants, and are the stars. the name Lucifer this means" the morning star" he is like a wicked serpent, a dragon, he swept one third of the STARS, or 200 out of 600, from the heavens when he was cast out like a falling STAR. if you believe in and love God, the good one, you should not be concerned with Pridefully leaving this precisely designed biosphere specifically for your existence where God provides for you what you need, to arrogantly build a tower, or "space ship" name it after the reprobate son( dragon/Apollo/ Saturn, these are all pagan satanic referenced to Lucifer! idolatry) that left his FIRST ESTATE or original home just like you are all being influences to do the same. the mission is to the planet( planet translates from Greek as wondering stars) the planet mars which is inhospitable hell hole named for the war god , or reprobate fallen son Azazel who is to be released from the Euphrates during the end to fulfill his wrath. so should i trust Satan worshipping socialist liers like the folks at NASA or space HEX, or just continue to have faith in my loving God who cannot tell a lie, and never has as far as i know.
So besides the faith standpoint you don't think these pictures look fake to you or doctored or anything I mean you think that car just plopped right out of a f**** spaceship and somehow got a camera to follow along side of it and take those nice photos or something? they are openly mocking you. Have you seen the SpaceX Landing? they land back on there rocket engine like backwards and reverse, you think of Rocket can do that kind of thing? the necessary excess fuel to compensate counter thrust for landing should be at last doubled not to mention that extra weight for the fuel itself, If you've ever played with fireworks apparently no but you know a bottle rocket or even a model rocket you see how freaking out of control they are and you can go ahead and look up various rocket launches and you can see how out of control they really are too cuz they don't have that s*** down it's a rocket it's a missile, i b m intercontinental ballistic shoots from one place to the other, then the rockets still burn in "outter space " where there is no oxygen. fire needs that shit to burn right??? or am i mistaken? must be one high tech bottle Rocket. don't be calling people stupid you know I know you didn't say stupid but I'm sure it was implied or meant to be with your educational comment I guess it depends on who educates you and if it's in the realm of possibility and physics don't go there with the physics try to even defend what you believe see if you even can and then you might be kind of asking yourself wow maybe they were bullshiting us that's like a big theatrical f**** storytale man on steroids it started with countries lying to other countries with a space race and then turning into countries colluding with other countries to lie to their own people to keep it Rollin keep the endorsements flowing 30 billion a year for NASA think that's on the lowerslow side now and who pays them you the guy that defends them I mean it's all good if you want to do what you want to do I'm just surprised that Alex that you are so on board with all this stuff but you know I'm not here to judge anybody I just want to try to open some eyeballs once in awhile thinking how Deeply involved the whole Space thing is with the Nazis socialists Idol gods Freemasons every astronaut is a Freemason sure you guys knew that, doesn't it start to seem a little suspicious at some point does anybody think so or what good Lord. Why didn't they ever name any of the space shuttles you know like Yeshua hamashiach( that's Gods real name, the first King James Bible didn't even have J's the letter J wasn't part of the English language at the time yet just so you know catch up a little bit) you know because they don't like the guy I guess I guess they prefer you know the other side like the Titans or you know apollyon or Apollo Angel of the underworld it's interesting to think about what does Lucifer really want to do he wants to break out of here to get back to heaven right? so that's what they named their rocket because they really just want to break through the firmament and get out right? isn't it kind of interesting symbolic Maybe see any connection? did u ever hear story of bable tower? If you guys think they were dumb could you imagine if like a third party was looking at us, nevermind, the whole meaning of the occult means hidden, they think we're stupid, their little fraternity but they put it out in plain sight because nobody knows anything cuz you're educated hahaha sorry take your kids out of black mass, i mean school and open the good book. ignorance is blissful but irresponsible and condemning.

Thebassinkid. says:

How can I believe any of this? When NASA sent holland petrified wood as moon rock then reports shortly after they lost 500+ samples of moon rock they say, as well as nearly all tapes from the moon landing destroyed from radiation but somehow were able to project the landing live, oh and the only time someone not in system was about to go the space the rocket blows up shortly after the lunch. Everything about Elon and space x seems like massive BS.

iamchillydogg says:

The first problem is the average human just isn't that smart. They honestly don't care about or want to know about science. The smart people do have to drag them forward. The second problem is the bad smart people are in control. Which is usually the situation since they are ruthless.

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