FULL INTERVIEW: French President Emmanuel Macron on Brexit and Trump – BBC News

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French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested the UK could get a special trade deal with the EU after Brexit.
But he warned that Britain would not have full access to the single market without accepting its rules.
Speaking to Andrew Marr, he warned – as Brussels has already done – that the UK could not “cherry-pick” the elements it liked

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Andre Kirsanov says:

Very nice interview Macron. Thanks from Estonia

James Milligan says:

Well, his English is excellent at least.

NetTubeUser says:

There are times when it's OK to interrupt someone but I find this British journalist quite rude and really annoying.

Numair Mansur says:

such an intelligent man !

Christopher Cipollini says:

Omg hes a work of art

Cathrin Gustafsson says:

A bankers puppy. Good luck France with this one. Do never ever Select a leader with no children.

Cathrin Gustafsson says:

Foreign country meddled in France's election. Yes Obama. Just as in UK with Brexit. Ukraine…


Il parle anglais comme un éléve de collège. Ce mec est vraiment un clown. Full access to the single market mon pote 🙂

Spinler Muckflitt says:

The ideology of the modern Progressive elitist is itself entirely fraudulent. Its central principles were devised by socialists seeking politically compelling slogans (narratives) to delegitimize democracy. It is all about exaggerating the variances among human individuals as through they were generalized criticisms of the ideas underlying democracy and individual rights. The KGB studied hard to convince people that they were better off enslaved to brutal criminals.

The methods are the same employed by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, the identified sins of humankind. They are always the basis of seduction, and I think they all render down to fears.

Absent a redeeming God to impose meaning on our existence, and to reassure us in our existential terror and shame, man is keenly anxious about his place in the world, from which he can derive a concept of self that seems safe enough to make day to day life possible.

The Left first strips the psychological protections of spirituality from man, and then injects into this state of elemental terror a proposition that man can be like god, if only he will commit himself to the programme sufficiently. It is like a diabolical perversion of Faith.

But the new faith is doomed at inception as it follows the same pattern of man's Rebellion against the Divine order of Creation.

Currently we see the insane DENIAL employed by the men who would be gods. They evidently think that their formidable edifice of sophisticated lying, their propaganda machine, will ultimately render the "masses" docile enough so that the elites can live out their Olympian lives and eventually become divine. Many talk of immortality through harvesting organs (of the plebes naturally, whose lives are less worthy) and cybernetics.

Philip Newland says:

9:36 he call3d you losers. Lol.

smokedat shit says:

hey guys forget what you saw our macron is the best marketing product ever made in the century

jadawin10 says:

Yuck ! The comments below this video are full of comments from Russian troll farms and far-right French trolls …

Donatas Svilpa says:

President Emmanuel Macron is clearly more on empathy continuum , rather than egotism. There is hope.

Oliver S says:

12:38 Macron apologises for being interrupted

Diego Carrera says:

Ill give Macron the benefit of the doubt. I think he wishes he was Trump. He fawned all over him in Paris like he was in love with him. Btw, this interviewer sucks. He keeps interrupting Marcon.


96BxelA says:

BBC is Fake News

yGen says:

French are not pro-liberal or pro-EU, we were against the Européen constitution (55% no in 2005) If today we had a "FREXIT" referundum, i'm not sure of the answer.___ The EU have disfonctions (lobby, fiscally, socially)

InSnarabia - انسنارابيا says:

His accent is like egyptians when the speak english zis and ze and zat

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