Gutfeld: A parade of Trump hypocrisy

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Democrats will celebrate anything unless it has to do with the president.

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Manny Acajabon says:

We're sick of the Liberal hypocrisy and their lunacy

Roxanne Moore says:

I love Tyrus' idea of a day for the Military.

Roxanne Moore says:

I have never seen so many grown men acting so childish. They are filled with jealousy and envy and can't stand Trump's success. When will they grow up?

Three Aces says:

Your just helping dumb Trump ew ew aw aw duh duh fuwy.

M Lorraine says:

We can have parades of women wearing vagina hats and gays wearing rainbow penises, but we can't have a military parade? The left is SICK!!

c sean h says:

My idiot Trump sheep friend thinks Donny Dotard is trying to unite Americans with this parade. lol, I think not. First, Americans support our military, period. And if our military leaders wanted a parade it would have full support from all sides. But they don't want one because it's another stupid idea from our supreme leader wannabe. Keep him on the golf course where he will do the least damage.

NotPoliticallyCorrect77 says:


Bob Roberts says:

Let Trump lead the parade with his tobacco chewing, big truck driving red hat wearing useful idiots in tow. "Merica!

Sherron Mitchell says:

As a taxpayer I think the money for a parade for tRump would be better spent on the veterans of this country. His budget is already busting our deficit.

Spacebear99 says:

I think Trump should let our military decide if we have a parade or not . They are the ones that will be doing it and getting everything ready and polishing the missiles and tanks and jeeps and all the rifles and gear . Let the military vote on it .

loadi2 says:

Bone spur parade…

trump forever says:

we vets should bring our trucks and bikes

trump forever says:

bring on the tanks and the bombers grind the dems in to dust

Trevor William says:

Wow what a headline…is gut field turning?

marie morris says:

Eight hours n she didn’t say anything.

Non ya says:

As a veteran – a parade honoring American service men and women is overdue. If these liberals hate America so much – they can leave. Real Americans are sick of these flag burning, anti-American idiots.

David Coker says:

Could Tyrus look anymore bored?

David Coker says:

FOX completely under cuts Conservatives by featuring homosexuals like Reuben and Thiel. Why does FOX go out of its way to promote supposed conservative homosexuals? Something stinks at FOX. FOX is the controlled opposition. 96% of all media in USA INC is owned by Jews and everyone working for them are sellouts

Rui Busto says:

Negroes riot (protest) wrecking everthing in the way, destroy, light fire, for hours after a (proven false) "hands up" narrative.

Woman SJW's etc. parade around in pink vagina hats marching for…. things. And cursing Trump.

A military parade, a delight entertain to watch, boosting military morale and all around safe feeling: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

David Coker says:

Want to see a disgusting parade? YouTube "Folsom Street Fair". This goes on in Pelosi's Congressional district.

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