IT’S THE DEMOGRAPHICS, STUPID (Frame Games RE:1791L ‘What the Alt Right Became’)

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Frame Games Radio:
‘I was asked to do a reaction video to this 1791L channel that has like 250K subs. When you meet people like this, tell them this: demographics, demographics, demographics.’

1791L Video:
Frame Games


Adam Smith says:

Anti-SJW 'sceptics' are late to the party. People have been doing it for years, it's called the right wing. Since about 2010 and earlier in Europe, a number of right wing ppl have realised mainstream 'conservatism' is no longer 'right wing' but identical to current day Leftism less approx 2 years. A trailing Democrat or Labour party with slightly different presentation. As usual, the left wasn't happy with winning and attacked the Cuckservatives who maintained this faux divide anyway. They pushed it so far that even the dumbest, most brainwashed Republicrat centrists had a wtf moment and started along the red pill path. Trump caught a lot of these folk. Leftists just couldn't resist pushing too far with their blatant anti-white ethnic cleansing plans, their gender-mutation plans. Thankfully the internet provides an avenue to counter and expose the conspiracy, hence the censorship programme coming along soon demanded by fanatics like Angela Merkel who see any opposition to her cultural revolution, her ethnic engineering / great replacement, any opposition as heresy, criminal blasphemy.

Rick Remco says:

Speaking as someone who is drawn to the Alt-Right, I believe this vid presents a valuable and reasoned argument which should be considerd by both sides of the political divide.

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