Judge Jeanine: Want to blame someone? Blame the batterer

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This week White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter turned out to be someone whose cover is different than his content and character.

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Dana Nelson says:

u are a liar trump ass kissing judge so all the women that accussed him are liars

R F says:

so this snatch.. who was speeding 119 miles an hour in a 65 mph zone.. putting peoples lives in danger thinks we should listen to what she has to say/???? really? lol.. he husband went to prison for fraud. he was also caught with kiddie porn on his laptop.

gag1025 says:

What the hell did Obama have to do with this. She was making sense until she went delusional on us with that statement. She should have said you might want to look at the current president because he was told about Rob Porter months ago. She needs to address Trumps reluctance to blame those males who were showcased before Porter and the president had nothing negative to say about any one of them including Porter. She only addresses what she sees as important to her which in most cases is anti Democrat.

Stephen Bray says:

Stupid fucking moron bitch.

Steve Long says:

Whitehouse was informed three times in 2017 and once in 2018 so Judge we can blame the Whitehouse. You cant blame the last president for this one he was Trumps staff you idiot.

margaret murphy says:

She is telling the story she wants to believe herself . What a clown

Tim Evans says:

They pay this bitch?loll…wonder if faux news(what a joke, propaganda not news)..will survive Trumps term.lol

Neil Korpal says:

I just love this Judge . She very special lady in America

drezzy2747 says:

Ugly ass bitch…

Mike Kelly says:

The less you respond to loud, rude, critical and argumentative people, the more peaceful your life will become. So, loud mouth, you're out!

Mr T says:

Every time i beat my wife i blame it on Obama.

203 cappadon says:

WTF does Rob Parker situation have to do with the last Administration?? Dis bitch is senile

Peter Meeuwis says:

Jeanine Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

Kbomb123 says:

Based upon FBI Director Wray's Sworn Testimony to Congress, would you like to change your bullshit statement Judge Jeanine? The timelines DO NOT MATCH UP

BZ Oguma says:

for the first time this bitch made some sense even though she really pivoted the point from the fact that general kelly knew what was going on but never took it seriously when the security clearance was delayed

MarjinGroup says:

I served 22 years in the military.  I very confident that my CO, XO and department head would've known about the information given to the WH, in detail, regarding Porter's background check on 4 different occasions.  General Kelley doesn't get a pass on this one.  By Mr. Wray's testimony, that quick decision your WH source told you the General made, doesn't really hold water.  

However, I'm very happy to hear your comments about the type of human being Porter revealed himself to be.  The truth will always rise to the top.

Montana Fishing says:

God damm you are one ignorant BITCH.

Jonathan Glass says:

Guess you guys believe in Unicorns but not payments made to porn stars or woman saying this guy had his hands up their skirt and his tongue down their throats. His entire fortune is built on lies and corruption. What happen to, Mexico is paying for the wall……. Now taxpayers will, after the President of Mexico said several times that he's not paying for it. I can go on and on with his lies to manipulate people and pray on their fears or prejudices for a vote. This man went to the Haitians and said I will be your Commander in Chief and champion your cause. To later reverse their status in this Country. Keep drinking his cool aid. He's a flawed human, so what do you think he is if he sits in the highest office in this Country.

Niki L says:

What happened to Trump hiring only the best? I am surprised judge didn't defend Porter and blame the victims.

rob v says:

Why is the scapegoat always the one who leaves this administration ? Who hired these loser judge ?

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