Justin Trudeau talks NAFTA, Colton Boushie at L.A. news conference

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about NAFTA, the acquittal in the death of Colton Boushie at a news conference with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The two talked about the importance of the relationship between California and Canada before answering questions.
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rex mundi says:

The CBC presented the Boushie case nationally as a racially motivated murder long before the trial. The network has been going downhill for years.

da ne says:

He's more of poser for selfies then PM. I think he's trying to jump on marijuana movement that started along time ago.

If you wanna be known as pro pot PM then retroactively pardon criminal records for marijuana distribution or possession!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Probably has several marijuana growing business partners in his stock portfolio's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Norris says:

Man I knew I should have tried harder in French language class (which makes me laugh at the World War I museum in my profile pic)

Spurious Flatus says:

I wonder if he will be wearing red socks on Valentine's Day.

T ITD says:

Why couldn't there have been a mudslide or wildfire right then?

Johann Brulle says:

The CBC and the other media channels seem to be awful scared of the comments, eh?

Guwop Cheop says:

Im starting to become embarrassed to be a canadian…

Edison Liz says:

There is a reason why more Canadians are seeking to move to the USA trudope! I’m going to take my million dollar business to the USA. I can’t believe this trust fund school teacher is the prime minister of Canada. He is doing to the indigenous what obama was doing to the immigrants using them to get more votes. Instead of giving people more handouts why don’t you invest in schools and trade schools for the indigenous, teach them how to be a good tax paying citizen. But no Trudeau you want the people dependent on your government, hmmm… sounds like communism and slavery. No thanks. We the Canadian people have caught on to your lies and bs.

stapme says:

C’mon Snowflake…ferme la bouche amigo.

stevenzw1 says:

Who’s the top and who’s the bottom ?

Phil Conerly says:

My God these liberals what trash they are!!¡

Flavius Mercurius says:

This POS is about as useless as you get without being brain damaged

Quinacradone Rose says:

Re: NAFTA …Trudeau should walk away from the NAFTA. It opens Canada up to massive lawsuits if we try to protect our environmental and human rights laws from foreign companies trying to take advantage of us. It gives the foreign companies the right to sue us if we stop them from trying to ruin our pristine forests or violate any human rights laws we have here. WAKE UP TRUDEAU, we need trade, BUT we do not need to always be submissive and give in to foreign countries. TRUMP IS STICKING UP FOR HIS COUNTRY. JUSTIN, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STICK UP FOR CANADA, NOT GIVE US AWAY!!!

Joram Arentved says:

Right, Justin, since you still & never answered me, my only news is just a 'me-detail,' which gives me no idea at all, if I can contradict my own & relev. occupation of concentrating on this good thing that I just ask for perm., pls., to join up on, where Mr. Col. Hadfield all ready keeps on existing, up there, at The ISS, Which is Nothing Untraceable from me, so I can find out etc., greetings, 'J.A.,' Chile, The Danish Law, My Semi-ac. Wendy, Universal Rights, (on some kind of quite moral obligation), 0056 96 505 67 01, if you by phone tell me nothing, next to nothing relev., my Danish mother's, pls., just & STILL her own labourality conflict, 'who' gives me no idea at all, if I can deny being just my own, laboural & self known self,' w. my relev. 'testimony(!)' to being, total- & voluntarily righteous, maybe up to, what's a 99.99%, thanks for being there, Peace be w. You All, Justin.

Alfred Wessex says:

So now, from Tudeau's deep intellect, Canadian courts, based on English laws, while trying a non-native, will need to reflect values from presumably numerous other cultures? Are there none of our traditions, and institutions, that are beyond Trudeau's desire to change to reflect his scholarly world view?

Nick Qi says:

Disgusting actor

Age of Reason says:

Is TV Infomercial God Kevin Trudeau Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? You decide.

кремльбот says:

why is he not speaking english? to cover up the fact that he is clueless ?

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