Kim Jong-un’s mysterious and powerful sister

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There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Kim Jong-un’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong, who is representing North Korea at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. She’s kept a low profile while becoming the country’s most powerful woman.
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Mike P says:

I'd do her, but I have serious yellow fever.


Apareció un anuncio antes de Margarita Zavala, que poca vergüenza tienen ella y el borracho de Calderón

olivia-Josef Transit says:

I'm confused, Am I on 'Canadian' TV or the U S ?? the hateful comments are the same . . . shame on all of them.

TanakinSkywalker says:

She’s very unattractive. She looks like a mummy spray painted white

Chicken noodle soup says:

Someone should really put a bullet in her neck if you know what I’m saying

James Leonard says:

She has a face of a mackerel don't trust that killer I would love to punch her in her forehead then give her some Fixodent to fill it back in.

antonio volpe says:

She is so hot

Amy Shen says:

Her gender save her life

marko1clw says:

Most powerful women ever! Long Live Democratic People`s Republic of Kore!

J K says:

She looks like a cold blooded torturer and killer

dantemike1 says:

Nothing mysterious about this woman. She had had thousands of her countrymen murdered and she is the head of propaganda for North Korean. Why try to make her appear anything other than what she is…the sister of the most evil man in the modern world and carrying out his bidding? Get real about this evil family that reigns over North Korea with terror.

Ronnie says:

Hope she dies

SittingInDetroit says:

She better be very careful, if she gets too much positive attention, her brother will view her as a threat and send her on a permanent vacation.

Tyler Psychic Medium says:

This is a cult, you like those?

Francis says:

Normally the successor of a (supposedly)ruthless dictator is much ruthless and whenever i remember that my mind just justifies it and her eyes and facial expressions both suggests innocence and fierce she holds her head high up smile as an official delegation( which they are) and her eyes is intimidating. The head of state beside her is just "hey what's up people in the south?, i am tired because i'm old" and so on.

Paul Torresi says:

It’s a whole new dangerous world full of un expected surprises, like kids running countries.


She's Beautiful…

Frankie Costello says:

Kim jong un is constantly constipated from his opiate habit. What a silly man.

Arun Thomas says:

This is your MSM folks.

Club Soda says:

In France, the men think she's gorgeous

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