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Richard Kiilu says:

He's so sedate and polished on Canadian TV. On Kenyan TV he's so explosive and domineering. If only he could act that way in Kenya he really could go places. He's not a dummy and makes good points but his demeanor while in Kenya shuts alot of doors on him.

nderitu simon says:

Miguna talking softly to a mzungu. Just an idiot with no balls

NT672829 says:

Miguna reminds of when my first born was an infant still crawling on the floor of our house. We also have a very big but loving pet dog, her name is Emma. One day while watching TV , Mildred, our daughter was learning to stand. Apparently she got curious about Emma's behind and she poked her finger in the dogs assh. Emma turned with a lightening motion and was about to tear Mildred apart when I snatched our daughter away saving her from instant massacre. Miguna should learn from my family experience. He's Mildred poking government in the one place the sun don't shine and now he's deported, just like that.

david osore says:

miguna amesema alipelekwa karibu na tz..hehe

Wycliffe Okello says:

I Like miguna fearless man

David Lubanga says:

My general. Let's take them on

George Odhiambo says:

Africa needs redemption from rogue leaders. Like Ghana president said in his recent visit to France, Africa is Rich enough to take care of itself. In this time and age, we do not need handouts from the so called developed worid. What we need are favourable trade agreements and enabling political and economic environments, and value added inputs to our natural resources to be able to sustain our economies. What we lack in Africa is good leadership. General Miguna, I like your approach, bravery, commitment and resolve. Help us liberate Kenya from dictatorship, maladministration, corruption and all the isms. Africa has lagged behind long enough!!!,

Paul njoro says:

He wants western masters to feel sorry for him but they can't interfere with our democratic government.

A Believer says:

For the sake of peace and stability why would the opposition do the mock ceremony?It was unwise and counterproductive. What was it’s purpose beside creating chaos and instability?Even in Canada, UK, US such a move would have been deemed illegal assembly. Africa is heaven on earth but we Africans are destroying it. Let people live in peace.

Moses Muchemi says:

bure kabisa..the canadian embassy was part of the click that has now told raiya to accept yeye ni raiya lol

kipchumba Brian says:

What he is saying maybe true but they are the one dividing kenya

Harvest Nekesa says:

Come baby come we need u and we long to see u landing again in ur home country


We miss u GENERAL hope u'll come back soon

M M says:

It is hypocritical for a self- styled general to leave his family in the safety of another of country while trying to cause chaos in another. M*2 has not provided evidence to proof his legal citizenship of Kenya.

Lonah Chiloba says:

Call MASS-Action country-wide Go for mass Action Why have you failed to Exploit 10 millions voters and march to State-house and remove Mungiki from State-House,Story Mingi haina maana.

Broken wings says:

Mdomo buggy.Sort out your sex allegations with a minor and your bankruptcy matter before spewing your lies on a fake new tv station.

Eric Muhia says:

Reality is that this is the same guy who talked bad about Raila and now his acting as if they are brothers…. The truth is he just wants to be the next Raila …

Andrew Maina says:

He leads the country into a turmoil. i wish if he will never come to Kenya again. He is a thug who wants to loot and spoil our country as he comfortably enjoy his life with his family peacefully in Canada. I wish if i was a government snipper.

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