‘My vagina tried to kill me’ – BBC News

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Comedian Amy Vreeke has based a show around her diagnosis of endometriosis, in a bid to challenge the taboos around the condition.

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jedistar says:

This disease is a great way to prevent women from turning into sluts

Lavenia Hewes says:

Why have people disliked this? endometriosis sucks and I think it's really sad that for a long time she thought she was just imagining the pain

MRTN13 says:

Standup comedy for the deaf about murderous vaginas? What is this?


A brother given the choice to either let his brother have a life,or cooperate with television companies and scientists and as part of Inflicting szchophrenia on his brother,put his voice inside his head for years.What a gobshite!Not saying no to authority figures who practices torture on you own brother but to go along with them.Even trade unions.They have families and holidays abroad,child seen to grow up into men and women while a brother goes along mindraping with authority figures his own brother ruing and stealing his life.Taking his human right to life and you put your voice used to shield the unethical corrupt authorities who want tell everyone it's ok,a joke because we got the victims own brother to rape his brain going along putting his voice inside his head.
Still alive and not complaining to his GP every 5 seconds must mean " he likes it and it's ok".No it not.Not wanted not a life and it's a human rights crime what ever shield yo use.

sirprintalot says:

"I started thinking of my vagina as a double act" -every female comedienne ever.

Ron V says:

Women are not funny.

Hackney Cuck says:

The BBC considers this news but not the slaughter of white farmers by rampaging racist black South Africans. Turn Cucky pro-Islam, pro-interracial baby making BBC off, put Rebel media on…..

TJ Yala-Yolo gangGanG says:

What a News….. !!! So Fucked Up……

TJ Yala-Yolo gangGanG says:

BBC brodcast all Fuckin' Shits

Klmeer Smp says:

even the bbc is gone all faggoty on us . fuck off you poofters /

José Dourado says:

Disgusting RuSSian/Serbian troll army still attacking this channel

Manly Moesha says:

BBC discriminates against the native British population, denies them jobs because of their race, and re-writes their history so that they have none of their own. Fuk BBC.

Libtard Slayer says:

BBC is far left propaganda and fake news.

Yokie Miller says:

endometriosis is uterine, not vaginal.

jimmy johnson says:

Let me guess, your vagina colluded with Russians

die infidels die infidels HOLO hoaxes cow's PISS says:

laughing so hard.. degenerative failed society led terrorists org strikes again. satanic worshipers too.

die infidels die infidels HOLO hoaxes cow's PISS says:

false rapes/rapes confirmed again. 175 yrs again. lol.

die infidels die infidels HOLO hoaxes cow's PISS says:

actor's or real again or more's theater's fake staged and scaremongering itself again..

1videofiend says:

"My vagina tried to kill me"…well that's a switch! To men going MGTOW, it's not just yours that's deadly! 😉

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