Pentagon Insider: America Has Only Two Choices

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Alex Jones is joined by his US Special Ops informant, Zaq, to break down new developments on the geopolitical stage as Russia and India align against China and Pakistan, and the US must choose a side.

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Life of a Blogger says:

Usa choose india bcoz india has so many alies ..and russia also…

xxx xxx says:

If the USA, Russia and India alliance would me made, no other nation in the world would not stand a chance! Finally, the humanity could shift to space exploration and geoengineering projects, and boost scientific progress in other areas rather then wasting resources on "social care" and other "equality" bullshit!

Btw greetings from Russia, love your program.

Mitch Yyyy says:

Look at Pakistans involvment in the Hindu Genocide in Kashmir, now China wants a claim of Indian territory as there own.

Brett Nortje says:

Just never forget Russia is a state captured by organized crime.

Ross Dickens says:

Kingdom of God.

Mitch Yyyy says:

Russia and India is a safer bet, also in the future it will be Russia vs China once America drops off the Superpower bandwagon.

Look at how Vietnam opened its Navy Bases to Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand etc to combat Chinas influence in the South China sea.

vigilhammer says:

India is always a good country to partner with. But if they partner with India, they will have to accept a partnership with Russia as well. Because India has been friends with Russia for much longer than it has with the US.
And to be honest, better to have Russia on your side, than China.

arck angjell says:

I would align with Russia and India

Mr. Georgie's Miniatures says:

And now the MSM hero-worship N. Korea….

lostboyvall says:

On a perfect world it would be a choice of picking China/ India over Russian Pakistani. .. shit that's a hard choice …. China Pakistani or Russian India…

Vulture Actual says:

I will always side with fellow Christians first. Lets not forget that it wasn't my country that won the war, it was the Russians. No need to look further than the battle of Stalingrad. India has been a partner of the U.S. for a long time now and has a great growing economy. China has proven to be a disaster time and time again.

Papicia Papicia says:

USA may want a clear choice but the BRICS is real and these countries are Brazil, Russia, India, China and south Africa and more are joining….Philippines. Both Koreas wants to reunite. Syria, Iran Russia, Hezbollah the other Team fighting terrorism in the middle East. The EU is not doing so well European countries are stuck in it with Nato. Canada, Australia & Japan are part of the globalists.

Kyle Rainer says:

If we align with evil China then our lives are over.

Charlie Sheen says:

That's a no brainer

The Iranian Liberal says:

You do realize that China and Russia are allies right. lol.

Patti Burrus says:

Remember the Titanic, USS Liberty, and 9/11.

Chris Hassien says:

Haha it's funny how Alex tries to speak in the cadence of the president now. Lost all respect for Alex about 8 yrs ago, he's a shill now if not always have been

minuteman2012 says:

Nostradamus predicted this….a war between china/mid east…..and Russia Europe..usa

Irving Figueroa says:

America (Israeli States of America), Saudi Jewrabia, and Israel are the true axis of evil and are the real enemies. JewfoWars won't tell you this!!!!

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