President Trump sounds off after 2 staff members resign

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In a week when two White House staff members resigned amid domestic abuse allegations, President Donald Trump lamented in a tweet Saturday that lives are being “destroyed by a mere allegation.”


andrew ketner says:

Can anyone get trump out of the white house?!?! America is falling apart more and more everyday!!!

andrew ketner says:

2:15 Trump's wife sighs and looks so uncomfortable when he speaks

Double D says:

Multi-party democracy is a sham. It feels as if those parties spend more time and resources attacking each other than trying to solve real problems.

Double D says:

You Americans are retarded.

Jeamesttie Johnson says:

He's promoting so much violence and hatred in the world smh….

Moon Beam says:

The GOP covered up Trump's criminal history and when 11 victims came forward. accusing Trump of sexual abuse, they escorted the women away from the area. Here's some of the truth about the GOP and Trump there is much more on the sites where I found this info. The GOP knew of Trump's criminal history and nominated him anyway. The blamed those abused by Trump and his admission as lies. Here's the truth – USA TODAY NETWORK journalists identified about 3,500 state and federal court cases involving Donald Trump.Trump amassed thousands of lawsuits over three decades, unprecedented for a presidential nominee….Donald Trump: Three decades. 4,095 lawsuits (USA). Before he took office, Donald Trump was involved in a truly astronomical number of lawsuits. A USA Today report published in 2016 found that there had been 3,500 legal actions filed by and against Trump and his hundreds of businesses in federal and state courts, ranging from sexual harassment to contract violations to class-actions for misleading advertising, and settled at least 100 of them (vanityfair). The According to the Boston Globe, by May 5, President Trump had been sued a remarkable 134 times in federal court since his inauguration… Why did the GOP hide this and what it their real intent?

Dre Chyx says:

Oh boo hoo hoo, cry me a river of blood! The snowflake meltdown in this comments section is egregiously pathetic! The President's tweet is very accurate. This 'MeToo' movement does have the potential of being abused by women who are vindictive, and simply want to act maliciously towards men who simply don't want/like them! That is a fact! A woman can use a mutual encounter to propagate a lie that can irreparably destroy the man's reputation, career and life! There are innumerable cases of such happenings, with the falsely accused languishing in prison for crimes that they never committed! The equitable administration of justice, equality under the law and especially DUE PROCESS are tenets that should guide any civilized, law-abiding society. A woman's mere accusation SHOULD NEVER be construed as an AUTOMATIC GUILTY VERDICT because that is mob rule/justice! If that is the case, then what are the courts for? What's going to prevent anyone from falsely accusing any other person for anything out of pure spite? That would be the end of any civilization! To lambaste the president or even employ vile invective simply because he made a plausible observation is beneath all contempt! The saddest, and scariest, part is that way too many people seemingly do not care about 'the law taking its course' for any accused.

Shawn Munger says:

Trump is learning that the Truth is much harder to bury than just signing an Executive Order.
Shithole President..true Scumbag!

S Koroma says:

Worst trump administration ever

K B says:


Patrick Pummill says:

When the Christian West was still Christian it went by the Biblical injunction: By the mouth of more than two or more witnesses every word will be established. In a Court of Law MY WORD and YOUR WORD and ANYONE ELSES WORD should be worthless. Anyone with a grudge can get back at somebody and destroy their life in the present climate. All you need to do is look at what is happening already to see how it rips societies apart. One persons word is not evidence and if there is no evidence there is no case to be made. No one has a right to be believed! President Trump makes a good point! I'm sure this will fall on deaf ears in the present climate of hate! Also, it used to be that the false accuser-if found out-suffered the same punishment for the crime they were accusing the other of. Why are there so many false accusations? Because you can easily get away with it! If there is good evidence bring it on, but if not forget it about it and go on with life.

Dani Ramadan says:

Who hates women like the comment know dogg

MsDutchee says:

Prayers to all the abused, who have not yet been heard…. who have been silenced by the powerful

Nick g says:

Stupid Trump digging hole for himself

james owan says:

Wow iv never put so many thumbs up on comments

Dennis Menace says:

the best of the best beLIEve me

KP Only says:

All people lie sometimes. I'm glad he's talking about due process. It sucks when your abuser can't be held accountable b/c it can't be proved, but falsely accused people are victims, too. If due process protects them, then we need to demand that it happens every time. Media shouldn't jump in.

Student Loans Are Cool says:

you trumpers tired of winning yet?

Sofiane Meyer says:

prayer we container alone deer endure universe database.

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