Prominent Virginia couple found brutally murdered in their home: 20/20 Part 1

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Derek and Nancy Haysom were the parents of Elizabeth Haysom, who was in a relationship with a German-born fellow student named Jens Soering.


tommyloika says:

The case is as old as me

rainbow snout says:

She isnt even cute like wtf she hardly has any lips

Robert Smith says:

Follow the money…She may have hired someone to do the killing…..or She did the knifing…why?……MONEY

Logan Windham says:

Is that Ray Romano

Robin Gagan says:

Why do celebraties think they're qualified to be detectives

ThE DuCk says:

Who would ever want to live in that house after that ?

Miss Amazon says:

Culturally amoral people – haunted by the sins of their past!!

Mute says:

This world can be messed up sometimes

Noob Fury says:


Imsangoak 77 says:

Just at 3.30pm korea time. Pres.Moon n Nk Rep. Meetin results. NK leader invite Pres.Moon to N.ko

fumbles 12 says:

If she was one of the hottest girls on campus the world is doomed

flora bucholski says:

I remember hearing and reading about it.. I don’t think he did it either. I think she set him up

Trisha King says:

So crazy, but beautiful at the same time

Kizzle says:

Who gives a fuck

Roger Stoned says:

Trump is on the edge of his seat hoping illegal immigrants are responsible… preferably brown ones…

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