QAnon Post Alleges Treason By Adam Schiff

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Dr. Jerome Corsi joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to reveal QAnon’s latest leak about the treason performed by Adam Schiff.

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WorldMediaProductions says:

America's 60 Families


Dynasties listed below were included in America's 60 Families, Ferdinand Lundberg's 1937 expose on the super-rich. Lundberg used tax records to uncover the often impenetrable financial and political machinations of the 60 Families, effectively publishing a directory of names and occupations of family scions as well as estimates of their fortunes.

"The United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth… These families are the living center of the modern industrial oligarchy which dominates the United States, functioning discreetly under a de jure democratic form of government behind which a de factogovernment, absolutist and plutocratic in its lineaments, has gradually taken form since the Civil War. This de factogovernment is actually the government of the United States — informal, invisible, shadowy. It is the government of money in a dollar democracy."

Families are listed in ranked order (according to 1924 tax records) with their primary sources of wealth.

1Rockefeller FamilyStandard Oil2Morgan FamilyJ. P. Morgan & Co.3Ford FamilyFord Motors4Harkness FamilyStandard Oil5Mellon FamilyAluminum Company6Vanderbilt FamilyNY Central R&R7Whitney FamilyStandard Oil8Standard Oil FamiliesStandard Oil9Du Pont FamilyDuPont10McCormick FamilyInternational Harvester, Chicago Times11Baker FamilyFirst National Bank12Fisher FamilyGeneral Motors13Guggenheim FamilyAmerican Smelting & Refining Co.14Field FamilyMarshall Field's15Curtis-Boks FamilyCurtis Publishing Co.16Duke FamilyAmerican Tobacco Company17Berwind FamilyBerwind-White Coal Co.18Lehman FamilyLehman Brothers19Widener FamilyAmerican Tobacco Company, public utilities20Reynolds FamilyR. J. Reynolds21Astor FamilyReal estate22Winthrop FamilyMiscellaneous23Stillman FamilyCitibank24Timken FamilyTimken25Pitcairn FamilyPittsburgh Plate Glass Co. (now PPG Industries)26Warburg FamilyKuhn, Loeb & Co.27Metcalf FamilyRhode Island textile mills28Clark FamilySinger Sewing Machine Co.29Phipps FamilyCarnegie Steel30Kahn FamilyKuhn, Loeb & Co.31Green FamilyStocks and real estate32Patterson FamilyChicago Tribune33Taft FamilyReal estate34Deering FamilyInternational Harvester35De Forest FamilyCorporate law practice36Gould FamilyRailroads37Hills FamilyRailroads38Drexel FamilyJ. P. Morgan & Co.39Ryan FamilyStock market40Foster FamilyAuto parts41Johnson FamilyVictor Phonograph42James FamilyCopper and railroads43Nash FamilyAutomobiles44Schiff FamilyKuhn, Loeb & Co.45Patten FamilyWheat market46Hayden FamilyStock market47Weber FamilyAllied Chemical & Dye Corp.48Blumenthal FamilyLazard49Mills FamilyMining50Friedsam FamilyMerchandising51McLean FamilyMining52Higgins FamilyNew York real estate53Cochran FamilyTextiles54Kirkwood Family 55Tyson Family 56Huntington FamilyRailroads57Storrow FamilyLee Higginson & Co.58Rosenwald FamilySears Roebuck59Baruch FamilyStock market60Kresge FamilyMerchandising

Sherlock Jones says:

David Knight stated recently in a broadcast that despite overwhelming evidence of criminal activity HRC would not do jail time. Considering that is probably true, I find it annoying when news sources are mulling over the same material that should have put her behind bars years ago. Shouldn't the focus be ridding ourselves of a justice system that does not work? Since crooks are winning by breaking the law why should anyone play by the rules? Hypocrisy seems to be the underpinning of slavery.

NWO-Killers says:

i can picture it just like scene out of some dramatic movie. All the leftist traitors lined up along some giant platform with thier hands tied behind them as their charges of treason and sedition are read out before a gigantor sized audience of the people who shout:


Big time soros boy

Sally McGregor says:

Adam shiff even looks like a lying used car salesman, he's in the global elites back pocket for sure.

Mike Hancock says:


Psycho's Neighbor says:

So you're innocent unless CNN says you're guilty. Great.
It appears that justice isn't only blind but deaf and dumb as well.
Maybe we should replace the iconic, blindfolded statue with a retarded millennial on their iPhone to symbolize the court of public opinion?

Tracy Welborn says:

Trump needs to round these criminals up and start putting them in jail and charging them

Computer for sale says:

Can’t bring justice till liberal judges are removed…

whutzat says:

They made a flim about Adam Schiff once…it's called Swamp Thing.

michael green says:

Dear God please bring these traitors to justice if it's your will; in Jesus's name I pray, amen.

Jp Fen says:

There starting a war in south and central America, Ukraine and Syria. WE are either causing problems all over the world. Most countries hate the US and most of us don't have a clue why because the msm is all morons. We have been fed so much BS of the past 50 years. Enough already.

Jp Fen says:

When are the indictments going to start?

Yorktown 1781 says:

Until I see the big people in leg irons and arrested. This is starting to look like a dog and pony show. I realize how dangerous these animals are. But you can't drag your feet. Things are not being exposed like they should be thanks to the deep state media slime. There is a small window to get this done or you will fail.

tjrank1 says:

Hillary's actions and mannerisms remind me of Adolf Hitlers when he was deceiving the German people. Deception wrapped up in selfish hidden desires and plans of their own.

Greg Bednowicz says:

What about A.J. TREASON.

Lisa Spears says:

If Q is true, which I am having my doubts now, Schiff should be locked up already!!!!!

Noh Esc says:

There will be no civil wars in the streets. Us home boyz ain't gonna let that happen. No way.

Noh Esc says:

Q Anon+Trey Gowdy+Trump=Adam Schiff+Standard Hotel in Hollywood=TREASON

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