Stephen Colbert Threatens Trump on Behalf of FBI?

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Watch this mashup video comparing Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump media coverage of the Nunes Memo. Stephen Colbert has a message from the FBI to the President.

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Ken L. says:

Steve Colbert, what a pole smoker. He needs to just get back onto his knees, and satisfy his boyfriend.

Jimmy Avalos says:

Stephen Colbert is playing with Fire, and he is going to get burned…………………

illuminatioracle says:

colbert should have brought some napkins, he's got walnut sauce all over his chin after visiting his pizza pal, john podesta

Richard Butterfoss says:

I hope they give jail time for the late night hosts and the View hosts.

Watchinthefoolshere says:

All these losers are desperate to keep their jobs because they know their days are numbered.

Charles White says:

Thomas Jefferson said something about watering the Tree of Liberty…hmmm. How'd that one go?

Jamie McMahon says:

Take into consideration all the President Trump's has exposed. Ok, now consider what the FBI does for this Country? They make sure we are safe. Right? So, as bad as spying on the Presidential Candidates sounds. Could it be possible that maby the FBI already knew about some of the bad stuff President Trump is just now exposing to the public? I surely hope the Good Guys prevail in America. I voted for Trump.

michael green says:

Colbert is a chomo….

Marcos Einatsu says:

I do not find Mr Numes' yearbook photograph funny at all…
…nor sad or pitiable… just insignificant.

Win A says:

I would love to see these reports debate

Martin L says:

Haha infowars would definitely appear to be a more reputable source than both the FBI and the CIA

Bob Bastion says:

If you were in arms length of Colbert and jumped at him, he'd piss himself and squall beg.

monkeygraborange says:

I worry about Alex sometimes. I cannot imagine functioning under the immense pressure he experiences daily, and sometimes I'm afraid he'll just snap… I know i would. God bless you Alex!

Leo Oliva says:

You guys are all going to rot in hell may God have mercy on you

Tommy Biggers says:

trump won the popular vote. Hillary didnt. He'll she didn't even have big crowds around the US. How would she have won the popular vote?

James Anderton says:

Kimmel and the other puppets needs to be incinerated for wasting time and money.

Samantha.R. Stingray says:

I don't understand how these anchors men/women in the Anti-Trump media still have there jobs

Lisa Medlock says:

Will we ever learn whether the bias at the FBI was real or apparent? While it is hard to say at this point, we may learn a lot more in the near future when DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases the report his office has been working on regarding the Bureau’s handling of the Clinton email server investigation.

Larry Pierre says:


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