Trump administration says Dems’ FISA memo needs revision

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Political panel reacts on ‘America’s News HQ.’

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Jomo Walkler says:


Anonymous says:

Shame how one man is trying to fix years of neglect and broken system, while the media and special interest is down playing him

Swansea 86 says:

I’m not from the US but come on, why the fuck did this retard get voted in the first place, he’s just as stupid as Bush ffs. It seems like any cock sucker can become president !

TheKillerPill l says:

Treat people the way you want to be treated….

Robert Harris says:

Obviously that proverbial "hammer" that delusional, misled Fox/Trump zombies keep alluding to will SOON be coming down on Trump, his co-conspirators and violent cult-members. I'm sure Mueller, with his team, have ensured that it will be swung quite forcefully and with absolute precison, striking the head(s) of its intended target(s). Four arrests, 2 guilty pleas with undoubtedly MANY MORE to come, is not the result of a witch hunt or fake news! It is EVIDENCE that a foreign government assisted by americans and MORE likely than not the (constantly obstructing) "illegitimate" President of the United States, attacked the very heart of Our Constitution. Our anger and outrage should be directed towards discovering the TRUTH, punishing the guilty and ensuring that we put into place safeguards to prevent it from ever happening again!


Trump needs to start making pelosi fly commercial each 1 of her flights cost $80,000.00 thats a great years worth of pay for someone in the Private sector and how did she being in gov 40 years get a net worth of 120 million dollars , same goes for reid, warren and the rest of these CROOKS time for Trump to drain this money pit we call demoCRAPS ….schiffs just trying to get dems back in power so they can waste another 30 trillion n Yes obama spent 30 TRILLION in 8 years.

Blue In red says:

Amazing how this fucker Drumpf called for the execution of the “Central park five”(who were minorities) but abusers like himself and Porter need “due process” of the law”(BY THE WAY FOX HEADS THE CENTRAL FIVE WERE FOUND INNOCENT)and to this day shithead has never apologized or acknowledged he was wrong—SO AGAIN DRUMPF SUPPORTERS AND FAKE FOX NEWS FLUNKIES—GET YOURSELVES A MUCH NEEDED LOBOTOMY LOSERS!!!

n dubz full throttle says:

How many people been fired already in trumps administration for lying, money laundering or sexual abuse, domestic violence, using taxpayers money irresponsibly for private jets. Perjury to FIB. There just so many. It really is the wh survivor show. #fakefoxnews

D Mack says:

Trump's not right in the head…how his supporters don't see this…says more about them.

Rizzo Blizzo says:

Trump is in on the game he knew sessions was going to recuse himself this is all a media hysteria that Trump is getting a percentage of

American Gooeyduck says:

Russia Russia Russia do you know what has more impact on our elections then stupid Russian bots illegal and legal immigrants voting in our electoral system that is completely against the law and that is something that we can control but the DNC does not want to touch that with a 10 foot pole just distraction from really issues

RightWingTrollSlayer says:

Nothing and I mean NOTHING is more PATHETIC than a Trump supporter.

Private Fluttershy says:

Ugh there has already been proof shown showing that any and all "election hacking" came stateside. The IP addresses prove it.

Michele Stone says:

It seems I have to listen someone who is so gay.

hole in the sky sabotage says:

Gump is a embarrassment and a disgrace to the nation and the world

D E says:

tax retrurns

monkeygraborange says:

There is no, nor has there ever been, Russian interference in America's elections except for the active involvement of Hitlery Clinton and the DNC.

Cyndi's SoapBox says:

Cannon says Trump called the Dem memo "too long" and claims Trump didn't read either one. the Nunez memo is 1 page, the Dem memo is 4, and Trump says he read both, how would Cannon know whether he did our didn't? The dems memo is supposed to be a response to the Nunez memo which they first claimed was "dangerous" to release because it was full of sources and methods. After release when we could see it had no sources and methods, they claimed it was a nothing-burger, yet they feel the need to respond to "nothing" with a 4 page memo. AND he says the Dossier was only PART of the Fisa warrant, so I guess he feels its okay to use use a salacious and unverified document to get the warrant as long as they have other info in the Fisa request, like Popadopolis making statements while drunk. Remember…. They tried to get the warrant without the Dossier first and were denied. The warrant would not have been granted without it. So this "other evidence" he claims they had was not good enough evidence to get it, so why even refer to it in his argument?

Freddy Travale says:

It's funny how he won't release this isn't it ??????????

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