Trump: ‘I’m the least racist person anybody is going to meet’ – BBC News

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The US president Donald Trump has given his first international televised interview with ITV’s Piers Morgan.
President Trump – The Piers Morgan interview (ITV)
Trump was asked to apologise for retweeting videos made by Britain First in November 2017. “If you are telling me they’re horrible people, horrible, racist people, I would certainly apologise if you’d like me to do that,” he told Morgan.

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Light Being Aid says:

We Need A President Trump In Britain

Larrypint says:

Tommy Robinson is 0 racist. He is anti-islamic and political Islam is religious facism!

Marilyn monroe says:

Fuck you. I have so much angry!!!!!!!! Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrStcarroll29 says:

Donald Trump is too dumb to know what he's retweeting. And don't expect him to apologize he wouldn't even apologize after disrespecting the disabled and our military veterans National embarrassment

words wpns says:

Orange daddy trump will be impeached mark my words.

187 says:

Trump is a Great Man

Ricardo Garcia says:

Wow, the president talking about tweeting. I've never thought I would see this day.

Dogboy73 says:

Lamest 'political' interview ever. Two chums having a little chat about politics and other stuff. The cartoon depicting Morgan with his head inserted into Trump's ass hole was spot on. It's a perfect illustration of how this interview came across.

Kush Killa says:

I can’t wait till they grab him by his pussy and toss him out of the White House hahah

penis says:

Russia investigation = fake conspiracy theory

Michael Tsang says:

If you have to SAY you're the least racist person in the world, you're definitely not.

myfavs says:

Britain is deeply and profoundly anti-American and pro-Islam. Horrible

Centrist Philosopher says:

Trump may not be personally racist but only an idiot would say he hasn't attracted racists like David Duke…

Centrist Philosopher says:

Trump acknowledges tweeting others' posts without checking the background is risky so why does he persist on doing it?

Tide Pod says:

If our president is the least racist person we will ever meet then I’m Im the worlds firs bazillionaire

Jurassic Wanderer says:

I'm becoming more suspicious of the British. They played a clear role in this Trump dossier nonsense that has created total chaos in the United States. Who is this Christopher Steele character? What was he doing collecting false information on Trump and giving it to Hillary? He's an old MI6 guy isn't he?? Were they also involved? I can now see why Trump retweeted that clip from Britain First. It created chaos in Britain. Was he returning the favor?

ToonandBBfan says:

Meanwhile the BBC are the most biased broadcasting company there is

Ron V says:

Loving and preserving your culture is racist in 2018.

gareth jordan says:

i know nothing, i re tweeted because i know nothing, if you would like me to apologise i would do that……….the orange did not apologise

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