Trump Refuses to Release Democratic Memo – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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President Trump will not release the Democratic memo that responds to the Nunes memo, it was announced tonight. The President says there are classified and sensitive passages that prevent the Democrats’ memo from being released. He also says he’s open to releasing a version of the memo with redactions made. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of President Trump not releasing the Democratic memo.

LIVE NOW: Trump Refuses to Release Democratic Memo – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Watch the LIVE STREAM of the Trump not releasing Democratic memo coverage here.

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Anthony Goedhart says:

It was never translated into a coloring book so he has no idea what is even in it

Monkey Boy says:

as a democrat, i'm disgusted with the DNC purging DNC voters to stall Bernie, the Neodemocrat ideology of donor supported lawmaking and now ranting about Russia Russia Russia. This memo is an attempt at wagging the dog

John Culley says:

Like Richard Nixon who wouldn't release the classified Pentagon Papers, President Trump is blocking the publication of information properly classified by the the Justice Department, the FBI and others. Who in the FBI and media will give him the "Deep Throat" treatment invented by FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt and White House Navy briefer Bob Woodward?

Q Vet says:

The republicans spent over a year investigating all this crap and schiff the pedophile makes something up overnight to explain away their treason. Yeah ok.

zelda torna says:

Making this a soap opera is another Democrat distraction. Trey Gowdy explained that deliberately sensitive / classified information was put in to REQUIRE redaction. Then, Democrats can criticize Trump. What else is new ? ?

Larry Wakeman says:

You know, this isn't about being fair. It's about doing what's right. Whenever the Democrats want to be "fair", that really means they want to bias everything for themselves.

Margo Miko says:

Guess I should have listened to whole video before my last comment. I think fox news is right on
We think alike.

Margo Miko says:

Dems did that on purpose. They figured the stupid Americans would then say trump had to redact it because he had things to hide unlike the Rep. Memo. I'm was sure they would do this. So childish to think Americans are that dumb.

morganix007 says:

Yep, no one is going to jail

I love The USA says:

Good for him, do not release that junk

Gamer 49 says:

Fake news title?

paulie dee says:

While the FBI was surveilling Carter Page, did they also spy on Jeff Sessions, while he was campaigning for Trump?

Dream Demon says:

So they purposely put real sensitive info in their memo to make a controversy. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste I guess? They have been arguing that The republicans memo for the past week. Should let it go as is to show how terrible the democrats take the responsibility of putting sensitive information out. Get our people out first.


After what they have been caught red handed doing they don`t deserve to be heard. It would be more smoke and mirrors, maybe even lies designed to invert reality.

John Lalawethika says:

Anyone with a brain cell knows Schiff loaded it on purpose. He knew it would never be allowed too see daylight.

GITMO Holiday says:

to release this memo Trump needs to find a way to see if the content is true/real
it can be completely filled with bogus "facts" from something out
of a S*hole country
and you need to prove it is all fake, almost impossible if you need
to go to some S*hole country first to find witnesses..

Buch says:

Trump didn't read it

DiZz DaMiZz says:

Dude.. the reason why he is not releasing it yet is because he’s waiting for the democrats and mainstream media to cry hysteria over this and expose their lunacy so then when he does eventually realise it (which he will) it will be a giant nothing burger and with a smile on his face he’ll say “I told you’s it wasn’t anything worth releasing”

nyc nyc says:

No difference in both parties they are both equally full of dirt.

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