AWESOME! Devin Nunes Just Stood in Front of the Camera and Revealed Who Colluded With Russia

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The Patriot Pulse reports, Journalists have been hot on the trail of “collusion” with Russia since the summer of 2016. They are convinced they can use this story to drive Trump from office.

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Donald Strickland says:

Everyone who was here the first time the Clinton's were in the white house knew killary was a crook because she tried to steal antiques from white house because they were broke which is bs everyone knows she is a pathological liar and crook

You You says:

The liberal strategy was to accuse Trump of exactly what they themselves were doing… We the People see through their bullshit… Wake up people…

Anders Karlsson says:

Be patient, the military tribunals rails start soon.

James Swing says:

So we the people are getting tired of hear all the crimes,we the people want to see these people going to prison,we want to k ow when the flight to gitmo is so we can all stand at the airport and give them a great send off.

Freeman Pennington says:

No duh I've been saying that it was the Democrats who were colluding with the Russians ever since this nonsense again in fact I've been trying to tell people that the Democrats have been colluding with the Russians all the way back to the time when the Russians were we're communists not only that they have been colluding with other communist countries Islamic fascist countries as well as many other enemies of America

Happy Troll says:

Martial law just long enough to Gitmo-ize all the deep state perps. I propose a national holiday when they are all decked out in their spiffy new orange coveralls.

whyey says:

Look at the person pointing the finger they are the criminal!

Mark Gamble says:

So muller cant find who colluded with the russians??

Katherine Goddard says:

I love DEVIN and i really think he needs really good security because he is telling the truth and the Demo and Clintons don't like that. He is such a good honest man and thats hard to find in DC. God bless him and keep him safe.

sahara alfie says:

**On their way to GTMO open door .. oups … "I know nothing about that" give them what they gave us for decades !! zero fee & end of problems !!**

Robert Simonton says:

We already know will the Democrats Hillary Clinton get 20% of nuclear radiation to the Russians, what she going to say next, what does it matter and then everybody covered up, speak up if you read this on in the internet if you have something to say voice your opinion, as long as it is facts, sport American veterans

Dean Labbe says:

Well this is far from breaking news. We have known this for the past 18 months.


Mark Taylor says Obama shall be convicted of treason!!!

david miller says:

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah….. Meanwhile, no democrats will be prosecuted. They're above the law. Next story please…

Billy Graham says:

. . . the Democrats were trying to get information from Russia on Trump . . . makes sense, and they probably figured the Russians owed them something after giving them so much Uranium.

Harris Anne says:

I knew that President Trump would be an awesome leader, But I had no idea that he would surpass JFK and Ronald Reagan. God Speed President Trump Sir!
The POWER OF PRAYER IS AWESOME!!!! Collective prayer works. Goes something like this: Almighty God Yahweh we ask you to bless the efforts of the good guys times TRILLIONS, EMPOWER those on the side of good, times TRILLIONS. Let everything that those on the side of good touches turn to gold. At the same time dear Lord, Thwart the evil agenda of the bad guys times TRILLIONS. Lets those on the dark side, Those that sold their souls, Those that worship EVIL implode on each other times TRILLIONS. Let everything the NWO,Corrupt FBI/CIA,MSM and Soros lap dogs touches turn to manure. In Jesus name we pray AMEN!

Kay C says:


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