Alex Jones Responds To CNN’s Call To Ban Infowars On Youtube

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Alex Jones breaks down how CNN is openly lobbying to Congress for Youtube to completely remove Infowars from the video platform for criticizing the media’s handling of the Parkland, FL shooting.

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Joey Stalin says:

Chobani will be a slamdunk lawsuit. I can't wait for the results.

mark novak says:

he's not suing anybody. big blow-hard. he GETS sued and loses

Paul M says:

Your gonna get my help Alex . I'm gonna open a you tube account today. I'm gonna mirror your shows. We are not gonna let them win.

Katrina Barber says:

You’re nutty WACKO!!

Katrina Barber says:

Shut up, butthole!!

Lionel Lombard says:

All my favorite channels are going. Really annoying.

Skully Anderthal says:

CNN is the Jerry Springer of tabloids,garbage is their product !!

Dennis Vass says:

Everybody check out Bitchute! A lot of your favorite youtubers have channels there!

0爪ИÎ says:

I know my wife and I will erase youtube accounts and videos if they ban you. Not to mention are children will not be allowed to use youtube and will be taught its bad.

Kraig says:

CNN is controlled by the Nazis, Anderson Cooper a bloodline to the Vanderbilt crime family, is also a member of the Yale University skull and bones, a Nazi New World Order organization. With members like the bush Nazi crime family. We all know that Prescott Bush tried to overthrow the US government in 1933 for Adolf Hitler. And other members like the Clinton crime family, width 60 + body count, and drug trafficking since 1985, and human trafficking, and child sex pedophilia rings. However the Skull and Bones has 500 members across the America infested into the American government, and high positions across the country. Them along with the Rothschild Federal Reserve tax slave system, bloodline to the Nazi Bush family. The bilderberg's, and the Bohemian Grove trash, all want to bring in the New World Order and make us slaves. However the same things going to happen to them that happened to the British, only this time there is no rules for engagement except to win. We will it's our country, we have nothing to lose

Kraig says:

Every Patriot in America should get those little signs that you see it all the red lights in this country, and put your own news out on these small signs. It would be nice to go down the road and see signs everywhere that says CNN the Communist news network is all about treason and lies to the American people. Of course you can use your own wording you could just say CNN fake News Network. CNN fake news treasonous against the American people jail them. You can make anything up you want. They're not going to stop us from putting the truth out. I have been putting out a handout print out, for over a year now. And if I have to we'll start doing it like the underground had to do. Stay armed and keep America free.

bigcatfishin says:

IT'S THEM TUBE NOW NOT YOUTUBE- They are trying to control what we watch and who we send messages and comments to. When they started this click the bell crap all my 17 thousand subscribers were deleted. They were no longer notified of my new videos. Then the changed the messaging system so we couldn't send warnings or blow the whistle on them.

mechanicaltimi123 says:

Im already a fan. I will become a supporter. I have listened for around 5 years, and if you ask me to support, I cannot say so. I don't want to lose this version of the media. Even if you are sensational, I do feel like this time, you have been exposed as a patriot.

Auto BikeTruck says:

Get Them Hard and Right Where it Hurts is in There Pockets Get Them Alex The Real News Infowars Needs Too Stay Right Here Or Put You On PBS Love The Show Man !!

Smokey 420 says:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Quoted by George Orwell

mr cat ,game collecter says:

I think info wars is fake

JeffTheHokie says:

The internet as a platform is killing cable as a platform. Rather than caving to CNN's demands, the people who run YouTube should recognize that CNN is their competitor, hence their enemy.

The Big Chill says:

Yeahh..and use the people attention to try to ell some of your Snake Oil kind of stuff…:)

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