AWFUL! Chelsea Clinton SHOCKS with SICK Thing She Just Said About Ivanka Trump on LIVE TV

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, On Monday Chelsea Clinton told “Late Night” host Stephen Colbert that it was OK to attack Ivanka Trump. Chelsea Clinton says Ivanka Trump is fair game when it comes to criticism lobbed at the White House.

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Estee Palomovilla says:

Clinton just mascarade devil in the flesh bad company I am glad she mingles not with the Trumps she would contaminate them. She is like excrement do not get close. Stay away from people who can not work or negotiate with you just ignore her. God bless

Joanne Ganly says:

What a evil dog just like mom. She’s the #2 Deplorable.

fucked World's says:

Chelsea the seal will get clubbed to death once Islam gets her

Frank Hoffman says:

Chelsea is a pimple on the asshole of the globe, a wasted individual like her step dad!

Teddy Lagace says:

Steven who ?

Teddy Lagace says:

TV show with no class , Chelsea Clinton even less class ,

Diane Johanson says:

Evidently Chelsea will lie just like her mother does!

Tracy Goad says:

Friends like that who needs enemies.

Loretta Simpson says:

Ya she didn't fall far from the tree she sound like her evil mother when she talks sick and twisted

CatNadian says:

Yeah and your mommy did a good job in the WH witch

lorain isra el says:

Close your eyes, chelsie sounds exactly like her mother hillary. It is her tone of voice, and chelsie is jealous of Ivanka. chelsie should support her Black brother Danny.



Josie Hinojos says:

What does it matter. Lol

Brian Zielke II says:

Look at Webster's daughter, makin' her mom proud…Step dad don't give a f***

Katherine Goddard says:

Coming from a Satan worshipper elite who has a evil mother and a rapist father. Not to mention she is running a foundation that has done nothing that it claimed it was going to do. Plus it wrapped up with people that were involved with sex trafficking children and accepting money from perverts that do couch calls and expect women to have sex with them to get a tv role or similar roles. Its like her dad expected because he was President. But Harvey was worse then her dad which is hard to believe but true. I really don't know why she thinks that she is so important especially after all the bad evil things her parents have done. I'm just so glad Trump won and we didn't have to face the world's deadliest evil b*tch that came close to winning. Thank God she didn't and the best man won President Trump. God bless him and keep him safe.

jacqueline russell says:

Even with plastic surgery , Chelsea still looks like a horseYes Chelsea broke off her relationship WITH IVANKA after her undicted corrupt 30 year career criminal mother lost the election

AmericaainCapt says:

Bill Clinton is NOT her father ! Webster Hubbell is Chelsea's father get your shit straight dumb cunt !

AmericaainCapt says:

Rotten cunt, I can smell you from here !

Steve Canada says:

I can certainly see why nobody wanted Chelsea Clinton to be involved in anything you have to have an IQ I guess he had her hands full with her homework can expect too much out of her

Puc Mahone says:

I had sex with Chelsea in the back seat of the presidential limo!
Worse day of my life!

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