Liberals Defend Socialism At Bernie Sanders Event

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Jake Lloyd and Ashton Whitty interview liberals outside a Bernie Sanders event at SXSW. They’re happy to talk until asked about failed states such as Venezuela.

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usvc1 says:

Damnit! Y'all could have done this better…… Smh.. so much potential..

Ayyy We're Listening Here! says:

Our girl Dasha is right, you people do have worms in your brains.

Jeff Heilman says:

have these correspondents been lobotomized? is that why they are cognitively impaired?

jonathan bacon says:

Can't you take what we like from both parties and create a thind party. Just last years increase in military spending could pay for universal healthcare or free college. And from the right, you can take the restoration of the constitution, gun rights, cut government spending substantially. The two party duopoly is a dead end!

Chris Smith says:

That little girl wants equality so she can get a bra like other girls.

Rick Ross says:

Infowars logic: Hey you people here at the "Bernie Sanders event", are you fans of Bernie Sanders?

Ed Findlay says:

They get so much flak just cause they're from Infowars.

Truth Hurts says:

Over 2 million subscribers and only 33 thousand views, SOMETHING IS WRONG. YOUR BEING SILENCED..

Dowwinds says:

“Photogenic Sailor Moon Socialist DESTROYS Redpilled SJW With Cool Indifference and Iced Coffee Sipping”

Lindsay Lohan says:

yassssss dasha

David Nix says:

LOL…Info Wars totally ripped off Alpha Brains label / packaging style.

Frank Castle says:

Since when has the working man ever came up under communism, socialism or United States Democrats

GREG Torchia says:

What’s with all the labels around everybody’s necks? is that a robot Street?

Jet says:

Lol thank god they gave dasha so much screen time

Leon trevak says:

jej imagine living in a country where the plaster you need when you stub your toe costs over $9000, wonder who all that goybux goes to

maynardthegreat says:

Lol they went out there trying to catch people off guard to make them look stupid. They had their horribly dumb talking points ready that they would say no matter how people answered. "Derrrr why do u wanna eat rats" (good point bro). They surely selectively edited the videos and omitted anyone that won the debate and even with all of that….they still failed to make a video that really made the people they interviewed look bad. Such insufferable douches. And they work for infowars which is the biggest fucking joke possible

Alex Brown says:

Let’s break this down for just a minute because this video doesn’t make any sense. Let’s rewind to the running a little more than a year ago, so pretty much everything I watched during the debates, tv interviews of both Trump and Bernie they were pretty much identical, they even did a video telling Trump Bernie’s presidential plans and Trump said that those were the views of the Trump campaign, now here’s the kicker Bernie Sanders wanted something a little extra he wanted to get rid of the FDIC like JFK tried to do all those years ago and is what Andrew Jackson did do a very long time ago. So who’s the real phony here? Wake up people, the Rothchilds and Rockefellers have their puppet in the White House, he’s just a snake disguised as a sheep nothing more. Just the fact that Info Wars didn’t mention this tells me a great deal about the real smoke and mirrors going on here

David Lemieux says:

These people are a joke! Socialism really???

Tony Styles says:

did ya hear that….. all those idiots just hear free and their sold…. put them in an economics course

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