Police release 911 calls from inside Stoneman Douglas shooting

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The 911 calls from concerned Parkland parents and students describe the active shooting as it played out inside their school and the campus resource deputy who allegedly took no action.


Wango Bango says:

If you want to make a REAL impact for public safety against gun violence — you’ll vote trump out of office.

Ralph Geigner says:

Kyle Kashuv is a good up front ! speaker ! good ideas ! rather than the other rude ! disrespectful ! students ! The FBI blew it the local law organizations, before this situation and blew it big time the day of the shooting ! Many people should resign ! The NRA ! had nothing to do with this situation ! The Law blew it ! Lots of luck ! getting trust back again ! From the local law ! Law suits ! maybe coming ?

Daniel Ismail says:

This is totally scripted.

Son Cos says:

Complete BULLSHIT!!! Release security footage of Nikolas Cruz!

MrDaneman56 says:

Everything is in the name ! Scott Peterson killed a baby and his wife Stacey ! Peterson is like McCain ! Everything named McCain falls out of the sky and crashes, and hit other boats in open ocean.

Bean Soup says:

If they are going to raise the age to purchase a gun to 21 they should also raise the voting age to 21

Steve a says:

Everyone go buy your bumpstocks before it's to late they aren't getting any of mine I'm gonna buy all I can my right are just as important as any others and I choose to have my guns and protect what's mine you idiots are gonna leave the criminals being the only ones with assault riffles and bumpstocks screw that I'll have mine and then some I dare you come take mine

Return of Zeus says:

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Spring Time says:

Today while Florida was signing a new unless gun law. A shooter dressed in body armor with a automatic weapon in California was holding 3 people hostage in a VA building. People should be marching for the removal of automatic guns period.

OMGMaw says:

so glad I don't live in the us..

Constituent A says:

MICHAEL SATZ – Stick with it! No stipulation on the death penalty in exchange for a plea!

sun Tao says:

ABC and their staff KNOWS this and they are TRAITORS along with the faction of GOVERNMENT/DEEP STATE performing these FRAUDS to force GUN CONFISCATION and TOTALITARIANISM-don't be fooled, people!

David Schultz says:

Killed 17 people and pleading NOT GUILTY! That MONSTER is lucky if he doesn't get the DEATH penalty! The SAD truth is if he does end up in JAIL for LIFE, the VICTIMS families will be paying for him to LIVE with their hard earned TAX PAYERS money!!! One BULLET is much CHEAPER!

alyssa chiascione says:

my school is suspending us if we walk out.. they said its unsafe to have mass groups of people leave the school yet the entire school leaves for fire drills, graduations, stadium drills and a wellness walking class we have. They are net letting us express what we believe in


Never trust any guy named Scott Peterson

Kenneth E. Zwolski says:

Parkland School attack started at 2:21 PM, ended at 2:27 PM, officers entered building at 2:32 PM

Maiyanna says:

I doubt Nikolas Cruz will make it to trial.

Mosin697 says:

To everyone claiming the shooting is fake because the early release of evidence, I attend Suffolk University in Boston MA studying law. Although the full trial for Nick Cruz has yet to begin, there was still an immediate court hearing where these calls were presented. You conspiracy nuts are sick in the head.

CrazyBut Not2Crazy says:

~~> ~~> Amazing How ABC Shifts Blame From Cruz (The Killer) To Guns & The NRA.

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