Sarah Sanders Gets Asked If Oprah Should Run For President

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Sarah Sanders Gets Asked If Oprah Should Run For President

Sarah Huckabee Sanders pushes back on the notion that Oprah should run disagrees on some of her policies and her stances

this is breaking news today and latest news today from the white house press briefing, during sarah sanders press briefing she gets asked if oprah is qualified to run for president she laughs about it

this is trump news and questions today were asked about president trump and how donald trump will be moving forward in his administration in 2018

this is today news and news today in politics and political news this was filmed in washington dc america usa

original air date: 1/9/2018


albert speer says:

Oprah will make kids eat car board at schools lunch. while she stuffs her fat nigger face!

rich42012 says:

OMG! Oprah for president? What a freaking idiot!!!!

robert Warren says:

Go Sarah stop fake news

Dicky Ball says:

Oprah, "Old white people should die." Fuck you and die, leftist gorilla Oprah.

JSP PRN says:

Oprah needs to stop lying.

rte66byhd says:

oprah? i heard she got busted. pullled up her dress & found 300 pounds of "crack".

Firstina Laster says:

Sarah Sanders… what a twunt.

TheChuck624 says:

Let's start calling these gossip sessions instead of press briefings.  I get better information around the coffee pot at work than listening to the stupid questions this press pool asks.

Bobby Cullari says:

Oprah is a crack whore with a very checkered past. Trump would demolish her…

Mark Mcgwires Backne says:

Just think about the spupidity it takes to fill the comment section.


The qualifications to be able to run for president are very little, as far as the Constitution goes. You would be shocked to know WHO is actually qualified to run. Does this or that person have an international relations or something like that track record? Surprisingly, the Constitution does not have any resume prerequisites for the job. That's right, THE AVERAGE JOE, non-felon, age 35+ meets the prereqs.

Renan David Soria Ahumada says:

Will she Runs with her own millions or she will "need" Soro`s money

Majesticjkr says:

Oprah will never put herself through the grillings plus all her dirty little secrets will come to light and people wont love her anymore, she knows this and wont run for Office thats for sure

nfl doesn't matter says:

Asking the press sec what she thinks about Oprah running for president??? What does that have to do with anything?

Rigo Tovar says:

Sarah has more wisdom than oprah

J Bolo says:

Sarah is da queen, she knows da wae

ÇhåD Grímës says:

if Oprah runs and if she wins which is not gonna happen. america will only talk about slavery with the black people who didn't have the taste of being a slave through her entire term. america will be the most easily triggered country with 58 type of genders and the great american flag will be replace by rainbow and unicorns. every colleges will expel or ban every Republican students if they practice their rights cuz liberals don't like facts and truth,
after that' there comes the end of the free world.

549charger says:

Can you hear the the person coughing while Sarah is speaking? That coughing is the pathetic attempt of a a liberal democrat reporter trying to disrespect Sarah because that is all the liberal leftist democrats can do these days since they found out that their bullshit political agenda was exactly bullshit. Bye bye dickheads, you'r globalist obama hillary communistic regime will never see the light of day! Just remember that "evil always shows it's true form" just read some history books.

Tony Leon says:

I think that the US is better off without a rape enabler lesbian as a president in my opinion

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