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Kat Grim says:

This is so far removed from reality that it's horrifying. Oh, and don't forget to buy our snake oil! xD

Jini Steffani says:

Does anyone really know the how dangerous the Scientology CULT IS…I now believe that this cult has indoctrinated more people than we know… all of Hollywood….it's spread to the media…and maybe to the FBI…What we think is LIBERALISM is really this Scientology cult gone crazy…I think there should be some investigation into what's really going on with this bull shit…..I just watch a documentary on Scientology and it's so much like Marxist, and Socialism…it's dangerous…..

tiborvivi says:

How can be Fascism liberal? Or Liberalism be Fascist??? AJ has Naziphobia, we know that, but also Faschophobic too? Need to learn the differences AJ: what is Fascism and what is liberalism. Liberalism was injected into political correctness to kill freedom of speech and enslave the shabazz goyim! They're opposites! Fascism has enough freedoms, just like NS, but 'liberalism" actually wipe off free speech as we see it in America and especially in muslimized Europe.

Cynthia Schell says:

love Haggman and Haggman

Lee Harvey Oswald says:

Trump is on the same side as the enemy attacking the 2nd Amendment.

Cool Patience says:

Love Hagmann

The White Wolfe says:

If you think Fascism is bad, look up Mosley's ten points of Fascism.

The White Wolfe says:

Fascism is about a corporate state not a police state. Fascist are ultra Nationalists, pro family, hate socialism, hate communism, Fascist work for goals of their nation. Unlike Communism; Fascism had greatly defied social progress. Both use leaders with good charismatic abilities to draw people into the idea. all power leaders; strong leader to represent the people, and the unity of all classes; single nation political party.

Barry Bueler says:

Shit I’d kill to get a paycheck fighting America’s enemies foreign and domestic so I wouldn’t complain about having my dream job.U want something to complain about try living surrounded by the enemy ur whole life in Massachusetts including friends and family while barely being able to pay for ur car insurance or even a phone bill while being disabled with two hip surgeries before the age of thirty because I was born with rheumatoid arthritis balding short with stomach issues that have hospitalized me 20 times in the last 10 yrs with no diagnosis so to make ends meat I live with my brother and his family now that sucks.

Meghan Burns says:

That’s right

ChucoTownElPasoTX V says:

That guy spitting definitely has rabies. Fo sho!

Always Gaming says:

Doug, you're awesome sir!

CyndiLu Stone says:

who are the people in your town andwhat's happening at your town hall meetings? operatives are everywhere

Glenn Zarmanov says:

World Not So Civil War 3.5

ErhmJack uhhjohnson says:

This guy has a great radio voice

Paul Thomas Shepherd says:

Socialism as a form of government is, in another way of wording or defining it, is Fascism. And, by ignorance of it, that is what the Left is protesting to wind up with.

Paul Thomas Shepherd says:

These Liberals, especially the youth, equate socialism with social harmony because they don't know otherwise what it actually is. They have no idea that socialism equates to non-democratic social control by a dictatorship eliminating all of their rights and freedoms.

Austin Prudhomme says:

Hey can somebody explain what Zionism is , and what might infowars's connection to it be?

Aaron Roberts says:

I am a fascist and I love my white race.

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