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China’s National People’s Congress has voted to abolish term limits for the president and vice president.

The change to the constitution paves the way for Xi Jinping to remain in office beyond 2023.

Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports from Beijing.

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knowledgeseeka says:

This move was all about protecting the president against any threat that there is inside the party.If the party agreed is because theres an external threat thats way more dangerous.War is coming .Prepare accordingly.

Adil Choudhury says:

Well we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of Democracy. Who is next…..China? Please USA don't make that mistake but sadly we can't have two lions and only one must stand. Great job by USA to sell manufacturing contract to only China for funding middle eastern and south East Asian war projects. Soon or later, engagement between China and USA will take place and it's not only going to be psychological warfare. Dictatorship now and most likely will turn into monarchy system is definitely a bad and very very bad news for USA.

Swiri WitBrains says:

You got it wrong. hear his ideas and you will know why Xi should be left to rule for sme tym.

To Release is To Resolve says:

Mandatory literature about the president? Lol yeah that about sums it up.

Khan Ubaid ur Rehman says:

Don't worry. 1911 Revolution is coming. We overthrew the Qing. Now we will overthrow Emperor Xi.


So much for people's goverment…

Александр Карелин says:

Nice step back, China, greetings from Russia, we're the next

sooraj says:

I see world is moving to a great danger more and more each day…It's so terrifying..

queenform says:

can he break Little Angel Mao's streak of 50 million?

Tao Yan says:


Gordo C says:

History Repeating itself. Remember the tanks.


setting the precidents for rome and america .

Aussie Southerncrosssolider says:

wow its happening again in a communist country big surprise

Quetzalcoatl says:

China is going straight into the crapper. When will they ever learn? FAIL. Only last hope is Africa.

madone342 says:

This comment section is filled with western moralist who thinks their opinions on how other countries ought to be run matter. Its high time for Nations to choose whichever system benefits them the most.

Fitzgerald Mistral says:

The US and European neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism respectively made 'DEMOCRACY' sound worse than TYRANNY. In a US/European context, spreading and encouraging DEMOCRACY is synonymous with spreading state-sponsored TERRORISM, PLUNDER and IMPOVERISHMENT. They will fabricate all the lies and false-flags and false pretexts in the name of DEMOCRACY, such as it's now obvious to all that their agenda is actually DEMON-CRACY!

M Reza Rifki says:

Absolute power tends to corruption

Islam First says:

Is that declaration came after Trump tweeted "President forever"?

Peter Byrne says:

The peoples government where the people have no say!

Faceless says:

Heil hitler

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