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Seven years ago, massive waves crashed into coastal cities in Japan, killing over 20,000 people.

Now the government is building huge concrete walls along parts of Japan’s coast to protect it from tsunamis.

But some say the new barriers are too high and could have an impact on tourism.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Matheson reports.

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Ramsey Bolton says:

Ur mom gey.

Apu says:

Can the 15 m sea wall withstand against the force of tsunami? How much distance is there between sea wall and the shore ?

scott william says:

good job…..

Jlbmixes90210 says:

The higher the wall the more aggressive the flow if it’s to fail or over tip the next time but Thets all pray it doesn’t. Aeh.

Golem Pek says:

japan is non muslim country that why they are developed,

jonathan smith says:

Japan is so racist, xenophobic and islamophobic towards it's liquid refugees and migrants and this makes me so offended.

Ahmed says:

I don't think they need a sea wall… they need to have some kind of new water-collecting system that stops Tsunami. Take advice from the Dutch.

Holion 7296 says:

Great wall of Japan

Howard Pascal says:

Alot ppl die in tsunami…. these ppl are very selfish. Safety first.

w rong name says:

If you could see the wave and shout "run" , then why 2000 people lost their lives .

TOBY says:

Lol, that woman is funny, she thinks they dont need a wall because she could just see the Tsnami and shout Run

John Simon Wijaya says:

at the same place, tsunami only happen once in 100-200 years.

so they sacrifice another 99 years for beach view.

Isrealmicah9 says:

There is nothing as Mother Nature: it God who brings judgement.
But we refuse to show him the respect He deserves.

hyou zan ren says:

Must stop those fishmens tribes from entering! Make japan great again!

dennysm91 says:

Paint it blue or painting of mountains

Henry Smith says:

The place the wall is built is not made clear. Is it that Japan would build wall wherever there is sea shore?

Raksmey Chan says:

2000 child murder died.
good new.

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