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A nighttime curfew remains in place in the central Sri Lankan town of Kandy, as the authorities try to contain violence aimed at the Muslim community.

The economy has taken a hit, and the prime minister admits his country’s reputation has been tarnished.

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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Defy Me says:



see the damages that both sides had done – bias thinking won't help! RELIGION SHOULD UNITE NOT DIVIDE.

Golem Pek says:

go back to muslim country , muslim are not welcome in non muslim country , do darul harab in your own contry , no one like muslim , where there is muslim there will be a problem

gaurab basu says:

Islam is a problem for every country

Kevin Quinn says:

All jazzera propaganda for the islamofacist Muslim brotherhood

B Arun Siddhartha says:

( Hindu, Buddha, jain, Sikh .. based on principal of self purification and complete perfect purification = Moksha .. PURE SOULS eligible to reach God .. GOD is eternal Pure soul and complete perfect good )

human man says:

Islam is stranger and it will bcm stranger again

Colin Tan says:

Tamil tiger and the Ummah opposition will invite India to annex Sri Lanka.


I see no problem with buddhist protecting their country, muslim dont want peace, muslim are not allowed to ally with non muslim, why do sri lankan want to let them stay? Muslim have only 2 things in mind 1. Trying to take over the country of if this is impossible then 2. Try to gain independence by organizing violent separatist movement.
Never trust a muslim ever

nur ali says:

Buddhism is no longer and had never been the religion of peace. The core principal of this faith is killing. History proves this fact.

nur ali says:

Sri Lanka is violent country ……. every people outside SriLanka should avoid going this dangerous country.

Raynold Regan says:

The Buddhists did nothing wrong! They are protecting the world from terrorism!

Support the buddhists and boycott muslim countries!


Sri Lanka now understands what India has been going through all these years in places like Kashmir. I think they will again need the services of China to "drain the swamp". LMAO

tsering phuntsok says:

Muslim property were damaged you can do better then that. Why don't say both set of people seen damage. Don't divide

Seriously? says:

Everyone hates Islam…..They cant live pissfully!

Chamsouddine Houssam says:

Thanks Al-Jazeera just canceled my ticket!

Uncle Ruckus says:

know islam no peace
no islam know peace

Uncle Ruckus says:

Ive been to Sri Lanka
wonderful country and people !
i enjoyed elephant dance festival in kandy

Do not bow to international pressure
defend your culture
your country, your rules

your reputation is fine with me !!

Denzel Digat says:

Everyone in the world hate Islam. You name it even us communist.
Those who are defending them could be living in the country to prevent death punishment or either too dumb to realise it's religion is false made by men and a copy from Christianity. Not to mention populate the country like rats!.


What about Jihadis reputation?
Only Religion which is more dangerous than Cancer. Killer of all other civilization.

The Girl says:

It’s astonishing the damage a few can cause to an entire country. Faith is between a person and their creator, how can you have nationalism between people of the same nationality?

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