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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has arrived in Kenya on the next stop of his tour of Africa.

He’s visiting six countries with the aim of tightening security and economic ties.

He spent much of the day in Djibouti, a vital partner in US’ fight against terrorism in the region.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports from Djibouti.

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ettekamba6969 says:

Africa doesn't need snakes and scorpions but peacefully development.

Sword says:

it was preparation to get africom ready…then Trump and kim changed the tune…

David says:

The Chinese exported their infrastructure know-how and signed trade pacts with resource rich Africa for the past 10 years. The response from America? Tell Africa it needs the US to fight against terrorism and sell them weapons and armaments. Not only is the US loosing low-key influence in the world, but it doesn't have the moral high ground either, selling weapons and entering needless arms races with Russia and China.

StephenAndrew777 says:

I used to think Africa was a country. It's really embarrassing. Fortunately I'm way way more worldly and sophisticated than i was a few months ago.

The force cometh says:

Africa must have nothing to do with usa, france, germany, belgium and holland. They should only do trade with civilize people like the CHINESE.

Calvin Henderson says:

China is a true friend of Africa, unlike some warmongering imperial powers

Wayne Bess says:

Its disgusting to allow these devils to stay among for over a hour.

JoesJamesJungg SeaCeeZees says:

He is here to spread anti china,he said China gonna take over your country.

p m says:

China took over

Marcus Dubois says:

Why are African leaders allowing the West,Russia, and China to continue to exploit the land?

Santiago Bron says:

Will he be visiting Wakanda?

hassjeyjey says:

Their visits in nairobi and addis ababa is to salvage those rogue government/regime being overthrown by its people.

Blockchain Bot. says:

Too late the Russian and the Chinese is already there. Lol.

HerroHerrar says:

Not welcome Turkey and Russia are welcome

Jay B says:

Africa would trust their colonizers.

Enzo 8mmSA says:

He must go to Nambia… And then Wakanda as well

rayt says:

what has africa to offer elephant dung and billions of flies and low iq ppl still living in dirt huts ?

Bitcoin Master says:

Looks like Donny messed up US chances of a good relationship with African nations. Donny does not care about Africa.

mohammed ali hilowle says:

His main point is visiting Ethiopia to solve violence in it, But Ethiopia becoming the second South Sudan.

Zizu Zai says:

They scared that africa will go to China

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