🇾🇪 Yemenis facing harsh conditions in Djibouti refugee camps | Al Jazeera English

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Thousands of Yemenis have been forced to flee across the Red Sea to Djibouti in North Africa. But conditions in the refugee camps are harsh, with food supplies stretched to the limit.

At one point more than 6,000 refugees lived in this camp, today its home to less than 2,000 refugees.

Most have left to live in Obock town or the capital of Djibouti. Yet others have returned to Yemen, preferring the uncertainty of a warzone to life in the camp.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow has more from Obock, Djibouti.

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D'auud Shire says:

I urge the Djiboutians to kick the Muwalids out, they don't benefit you and they're extremely racist.

Dimitri Vincheov says:

aint the earth great? (Sarcasm)

jamila Hessen says:

Why the state of Qatar are don’t take care of them as refugees

Hassaka Wayn says:

@Sam Hussein
I agree with you 100%.

barakah says:

Allah wills it.
(Ma sha allah).
Maybe Yemenis are not pious enough or it would mean that allah doesn’t care/exist.

Sam Hussein says:

Somalis are helping Arabs when other Arabs destroy and kill themselves. Shame on Arabs.

Leonard Wong says:

Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. Let in too many refugees/illegals and you risk being outvoted. (legally or illegally.) Remember… they will reproduce too. Also… if terrorists and criminals are hidden among refugees, they could gradually increase in numbers and vote their agents into your government. This causes social problems which in turn ruins your economy too. Every country's government must be responsible for their own people, not let foreign nations care for them. Accepting refugees/illegals encourages their corrupt governments to continue ill treating its citizens. There are other ways to help.

ReturnoftheBrotha says:

Are they trying to send the black ones to Africa so the Turks keep Yemen?

Daniel Cuevas says:

All Arabs have the same name.

Homer Briseno says:

Muslim fighting Muslim not very smart !

Samsung Reviewer says:

The Situation in Yemen is very complicated, on one side, you have the Houties who want to take the power by force and perpetrating a military coup, on the other side, there is the Saudi coalition who fight those militias backed by Iran. And the biggest problem is that the civilians who are paying the higher price !!

Warsame Warsama says:

Obock has a very hot weather all year round compare that to other areas
In July is 41°C compare that with Taiz, Yemen July 32°C. Members of the Operation Decisive Storm should take the responsibility to help the refugees.

king of horn african. says:

Arabs league has failed.

E K says:

I don't necessarily agree with mass migration to europe, but considering the conditions around the world, I can understand why it happens.

Funki says:

Saudi Arabia should take the responsibility to the plight of Yemini people.

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