🔴WATCH: White House Press Briefing w/ Sarah Sanders – 3/7/18

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2018: Watch live as Principle Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a press briefing live from the White House inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing room. Watch the live stream and replay of the event here.

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Linda Dunlap says:

I DON'T CARE ABOUT the alleged affair that is between him and his wife it happened in 2006 supposedly it is not like it was INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE and forced or raped like Bill Clinton so I do not care about what CONSENTING adults do and if his wife believes him so be it. Stormy Daniels is just using it to what, make more money? It in no way effects his duties as President now. 2006???? In no way was it rape so I don't give a shit and over half the population never will either this is why most hate the media you are not asking questions the majority of society actually give a shit about and focusing on tabloid crap. .

Tammy Weaver says:

The media only wants to destroy President Trump. They obviously don't want to do what is good for the American people. Stop your obvious agenda and report the news!

Aquatic Light and Magic says:

what the hell is it with those idiotic reporters? seriously

M M says:

Fake news creatures!!!
Great job Sarah!!!

Sammie Germany says:

Sarah you are great.

flewjewcoop says:

Latino owned businesses? Yea…There are Mexican restaurants EVERYWHERE in my little town, now. Where do they get the money to do this? There is no way that most Americans could afford to open a restaurant with a full bar. They employ a bunch of foreign nationals, too. It was not a bunch of Mexican restaurants that made America great. Color me NOT impressed. MAGA

Trevor B says:

YouTube switching people off your stream is BS. We are watching you youtube.

Mike Zemble says:

Thank You RSBN

Pennie Bowden says:

SARA Why Do U Even Suffer THese F O OLS*

Rob Okray says:

A trade war with bed linen? Really? So the best the EU can do is a pillow fight? Or is that a pillow bite?

Jeff Strange says:

You think your gonna get an Iron Man like Trump to back down on the Tariffs ?

Linda Acker says:

Can’t she hear people laughing at her lies she is so annoying

Oilsmoke Jones says:

Only fake news allowed in the press corps..what's up with that???

Oilsmoke Jones says:

Why, specifically, are they asking dumb questions, specifically..?

Carlos Alvarez says:

Son rateros y pocritas y jos del infierno y gual las mujeres son las novias de lusifer

Carlos Alvarez says:

Señor presidente de mande alos raperos y ala musica eyos son mafia y demande ala xompañia likp eyos rovaron mis ideas

Carlos Alvarez says:

Todo es dinero los problemas noson de trups el es el poder dueño de todos los ne gosios de mark y presidente de todos los travagos es poder y muy inteliguente cuydado con sus abogados son rateeos y muy poderosos yo soy ilegal no valgonada

timberLab. GodisGreat says:

Thank You RSBN,ALWAYS on top of everything, Best reporting on news show I know.

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