31 Earthquakes In Bay Area In Last 24 hrs, 3.4M Quake Hits Hollister

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3.4 magnitude earthquake, 3.0 magnitude earthquake strike near Gilroy and Hollister, California — In the past 24 hours, there have been 31 quakes in the Bay Area .

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TheRoadOfPeace says:

New Maad-rid not New Muh-drid

UNC Fan says:

CME's and gamma ray activity ?

ElijahJohn888 says:

The Greatest Disappearing Act of all time will be The Rapture which is imminent. Those who are Ready [ Born Again ] taken up/lifted to meet their Lord/Master/Savior in the air & shall escape The coming Wrath of GOD & also the wrath of satan. Never again will be shall we who believe { 1Thessalonians 4:15-18 & 1 Corinthians 15:51-58 } hear the voice of the mockers & I would like to say HAVE the last laugh But I take no pleasure in what those who are left behind will suffer 🙁 even though I know by their own choice they chose to stay in & with The World & its god/satan). Weep no more…


If you choose NOT the Way of Life the,y default, you choose the way of death. ~Maranatha~ 3/13/18

TheGuillotinedream says:

The poles are shifting……

james placey says:

Oh My children how I long for you to know Me;
Oh My children, My precious little ones, My light have I placed inside you. With this light, I reveal Myself to you. You only need believe, and leave the rest to Me.

Come My children, hear My words.

I Am the morning, As I Am the awakening.
I Am without measure, As I Am immeasurable.
I Am the unseen, as I Am the seer.
I Am the unknown, as I Am all knowing.
I Am the foundation, as all things are built with My Hand.
I Am everlasting to everlasting.
I Am safety, I Am your Sanctuary,
I Am The Lord Thy God. Aside from Me there is no other.

I Am the still small voice whispering to your heart.
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I Am the rain falling upon dry ground.
I Am He who raises up.
I Am He who break it down.
I Am He, calling you to the refuge of My Sanctuary.
I Am He who sends a Fiery chariot, catching you away in the whirlwind, the whirlwind of My Eternal Love.
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He represents all My love for you.
My written Word became flesh.
I stepped down from My House, to teach you of My Great Love for you.
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So I wrapped you in the garment of flesh, you passed through the vail of forgetfulness. You were put into the great torment of the winepress.

My children, this is done out of My Great Lovingkindness.

All are appointed once to die and all My children they did cry, but through My Son the Work is Done.
Do not be fearful My little ones, for you are in the palms of My Hands, My Will is fulfilled in you.

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My Father is Holy, He covers me on every side. There is none who can touch me. For I am His. My Father Poureth out wisdom upon the meek, the humble, the broken hearted.
Thy faithfulness is upon Your beloved, for Thou restoreth the broken-hearted.
In Thee Oh Father we trust,
in Thee Oh Father we love,
in Thee Oh Father, flowing rivers of Living Water. Thy blessings raineth down upon me in Thy secret places Oh Father, and none will see as it is for me and Thee Oh Gracious, ever loving Father. To each are You revealed in Your own ways, crafting each one to Your purpose, forming my inward parts. As a song, Thee unto me and me unto Thee, Oh sweet melody.

Lean not upon thine own understanding, for My ways are above your ways sayeth The Lord. Trust in Me, for you have passed through the vail of forgetfulness to fulfill My purpose. I alone know the beginning and the end. You My children have upon you my Seal, with seeking My Face, you will come to remembrance, for you are set apart, not one will be plucked from My Hand. You shall speak My Words, and My Word shall flow from your mouth. Do not become weary, for I Am with you always.

Leaving His Holy Mountain, laying down His Great Power, passing through the vail of forgetfulness, putting on the garment of flesh, to become meek, lowly, that He would break the curse of sin and death through His promise proclaimed from the beginning.

IT IS FINISHED He proclaimed and giving up the ghost, He raising up after three days, by His Power, ascending to the right hand of the Father, He sent to us the HolySpirit, for now the way has been paved. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, praise be to our King, Mighty is He, long suffering, all forgiving.

Men tracked Him down not knowing they were answering His call. Taking Him captive to silence His cause in turn rang out His voice for generations to come. Men hung their King on a tree unaware that in this they opened the gates for His Glory to come in. Believing they pinned Him into a corner did not understand they were bringing the world to His feet. In all of this men unknowingly fulfilled every word of the scriptures spoken through the Most High God.
All of us are a part of this fallen world, it is full of evil and darkness. All things that are good in this place only comes from above, the Mercies of God. The Most Holy God holds no one from His Mercies. Through Jesus making Himself a sacrifice brought the Mercies of God to all His children who had fallen away unto death.

The Spirit of the Living God dwells within you. An amber, a Spark ready to be fanned into an ever burning flame.

Come to The Lord Jesus Christ, for in Him is life. He is the way,
The Way.
The Door.

Praise be to His Name for ever and ever…

Google Name says:

Except according to the earthquake site I just went on there has only been one in the last 24 and 3 in the last 7 days. But I am sure some Youtube idiot who has been proven wrong over and over (just look at your past videos and predictions) has some better info.

Bill P says:

I'm not sure could these small ones release the pressure so the big want hit. Anyone knows if that is true.

larry swenson says:

Where did your violent cities video go? It just freakin vanished ☹

larry swenson says:

Your violent cities video just disappeared please explain Dahboo77

1woksape says:

For Christians on youtube: 1woksape spiritual warfare

PatchesAT2019 says:

The continentals are moving. Plates are shifting and disrupting earth. Socialist Republic of California is due for their misgivings. They are not preparing for SHTF event. Instead, budgets support liberal sanctuary cities. Trump should build the wall to separate CA, OR, and NV. Great video. Keep the work up.

Sinjinbin 64 says:

If you ever lived in California – Apparently you dont and never have – This is nothing. No one in California is FEAR PORNING over it.

Freako VEVO says:

I hope I’ll be above the ocean sea level.

Mardasee says:

Copycat bullshit alert:

Brian N says:

time for the Cascadia Subduction Zone – overdue to pop

Abram Hernandez says:

Love you all truthers!!!

Abram Hernandez says:

Thanks Dahboo!

chris leonard says:

Sayonara Crazyfornia 😀

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