Canada exempt from U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum

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Canada and Mexico will be exempt from tariffs on steel and aluminum imported into the United States.

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BeeKayX2 says:

God bless America !

bujji kids says:

I love canada

PaPaNiNo GarGAr says:

How much steel would He need to build the wall?? Mexico will raise the price on sand and Cement.

wahoo0631 says:

Sorry My bad it was a American Proclamation. And not an executive order Thks have a great day yall……

Cory D. says:

Captain Chaos switches plans again

Russel Shakelford says:

None of you seem to understand that a tariff is an external tax… The money gained from it doesn't disappear! It replaces some of the tax burden on the people to pay ever increasing tax hikes. Where do you think funding for government handout programs comes from?? The food stamp Fairy???

erepsekahs says:

If Trudeau or Morneau are now dumb enough to say they were great negotiators then they would be misleading themselves and the public. What has happened is that Trump has just set them up for a fall if he does not like the way the NAFTA negotiations are going…… Watch what happens.  He has proven he can and will introduce tariffs.  If Trudeau and Morneau think they were clever then they must also think that so was the President of Mexico.  This is what happens when you elect a real businessman as a President and not lawyers who only know how to pass more and more restrictive laws. Lawyers don't run businesses, the only way they know how to make more money is to increase their fees. That is why they raise taxes …'s all they know. The GDP of the  US is in excess of 18 Trillion dollars, that is EIGHTEEN TRILLION. Canada's GDP is approx. 1.6  that's one point six……less than a tenth of that of the world's leading superpower. It's not too difficult to see who could push who around. As Trudeau's father Pierre said, "Living next to the United States is like a mouse sleeping with an elephant….the mouse must stay vigilant at all times in case the Elephant rolls over."  It appears the current Mr. Trudeau either does not know or is not bearing his father's words in mind.

Brady J says:

Great job! NOT! Donald Trump again is wrecking trades. A pure sign Donny doesn’t know what he is doing.

John McSween says:

The art of the steel deal.

A. Salmon says:

President Trump said it was conditional on how NAFTA talks go.

Rebbekka Rosvick says:

Sure Scheer needs more of a backbone but come on, he needs to watch his mouth right now! Common sense says he is not going to push any buttons until after election but Scheer is for Canadians!! We all need to band together and vote Scheer or king trudy will get back in, he still has a lot of the dense population in Quebec and Ontario. Keep in mind that no one voted Trudeau really in western Canada and he still got in with our undemocratic election process (the one he promised to change before realizing it was the only reason he was elected and backed out). So we need to hate him more Canada!!! Spread it east!!! Scheer for 2019!!!!

theslimeylimey says:

Whichever domestic steel producer tries to raise the steel price 25% will be immediately undercut by their competitors in the US or Canada. There will still be competition keeping prices in check but it will be internal competition not external like it is now. Yes, prices will go up a little but I really don't believe it will be significant because Canada and the US are quite capable of supplying all the steel they need. I doubt very much there are many domestic steel plants running at max capacity right now.

onlythewise1 says:

go USA and Canada

Raghav Baijal says:

Hollow Threats…

DarkZerol says:

Make Steel Cheap Again!

Cballin says:

hahahahaha trump backed down again, clearly his handlers reigned him in

Jayden Banks says:

So we got a better deal in a large area of the economy. That's why they were exempted

Russel Shakelford says:

I hope it returns to both! I’m a North America kind of guy..

KAT Erwhall says:

Once again Trudeau gets on his knees. what shock.

Max Mustermann says:

You go Canada… now you can raise the price of steel up to 20% (I would recommend starting with 3-7%)…. no cheap competitors anymore

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