Doug Ford’s acceptance speech as PC party leader

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Doug Ford delivered his acceptance speech as winner of a roller-coaster Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race following a lengthy delay due to a ballot dispute.

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Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

It's like the conservatives are TRYING to lose. First a pedophile, now a crackhead? Was Charles Manson unavailable?

liberty justice says:

we are gona WIN BIG!!!! MOGA!!

sizeOVERstrength says:

Atta boy Doug! Can't wait for him to kick wynne out and save this province!

J D says:

Doug Ford for Prime Minister…..drain the swamp Doug.

Daniel Connor says:

Dear Mr. Ford,What draconian measures will you take to balance the province’s budget?  How many public assets will you sell off to the cheapest bidder?  How many schools will you close?  How many teaching positions will you eliminate?  How many hospitals will you close?  How many nursing positions will you eliminate?  What will happen to free tuition for low-income students who wish to lift themselves up with further education?  What will happen to the free medications that OHIP+ provides to the youth of Ontario?  By what percentage will you cut OW (Ontario Works) and ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) programs, thereby inflicting more pain and suffering on those who are the least well-off in our rich province? How much poorer will you make poor and struggling middle-class Ontarians and how much richer will you make the rich off the back of those poor and struggling Ontarians?  These are the questions that Ontarians need answered before they cast their ballot in June.

Somali Kanye says:

Wynne the most unpopular premier in canadian history. How you can get 15% approval rating is beyond me. Done like dinner.

TorontoChick says:

Congrats Doug! You have 6 votes in my home. Go dougie Go!

John Gilmour says:

it is very clear to see that in my opinion, cp24, by their on air media, would appear to be supporting Kathleen Wynne, and the Liberal Party, so don't expect many good pieces of news, with any good leanings toward doug ford!

rae0521 says:

Unbelievable hubris (not that he'd know what the word means). It's impossible for any sensible person to believe a word from the mouth of someone in public life who needs to read a short acceptance speech, especially when absolutely nothing new or even interesting was to be said.
Doug Ford looks, sounds and acts like Trump "North" He's clearly the lowest common denominator candidate and the same can be said about the "supporters" standing around him flapping their hands like silly seals whenever another empty sound bite was read.
Where are all the intelligent, educated LEADERS? Why are only the CON MEN getting elected? If Ontarians send this guy to the Premier's office, they're in for a really BIG disappointment if they think things will get better.

Kevin says:

CBC turns off the comment section on Syrian Refugee story but leave it on here so the left wing types can make all kinds of hateful comments at Doug Ford and his supporters.

wantafanta01 says:

#feelsbadman wrong ford 🙁

cutekitten12 says:

Oh im so sad, why did the party let this happen.

I H says:

Hello cuts to …. everything – This would be Hudak x 10.

Edwin Cabrera says:

Toronto Star, as of 2:15 in the afternoon a poll is available to take and a negative poll for Doug Ford over 52% will not vote for the PC party because of Doug Ford.

Argonaut121 says:

Whatever smugness we in Canada may have had about Trump, and the messed up electoral college system, can be pretty much cast aside now. I joined the PC party just so I could try to ensure Ford wouldn't win. I never did get to vote because of the screw-up in the process. The majority of party members nonetheless voted for Elliott and yet Ford emerges the "winner".

Automation 4pro says:

We are screwed. 4 more years for Kathleen Wynne. Even if Doug Ford has better intentions than Kathleen Wynne, it is not a very good time in politics to be white, man and with gray hair.

Michael Cowie says:

Doug should start a campaign called “MOGA”.

Make Ontario Great Again!

arch stanton says:

Fantastic! a victory for the taxpayers of this province NOT the scroungers. Well done Dougie!

sky driver says:


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